Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Cleaning and Organization with Master Lock.

Cleaning and Oraganiztion with Master Lock-
Here are easy ways to get your important paperwork and documents organized (and secure):

· Utilize Digital-Savvy Solutions– 

Avoid unorganized piles of clutter that makes finding health bills, car vehicle files, etc. hard to find. Instead, store personal documents in the secure, easy-to-use Master Lock Vault app.  The app eliminates the worry of lost or stolen paper documents that contain confidential information and provides reliable, convenient 24/7 access so you can easily pull up information whenever and wherever you are.  It also serves as a password manager.

· Keep Important Documents Secure & Organized-

Whether or not you file documents digitally, it’s important to store the original, physical copies in a trusted, safe place. Designate a file folder for all important papers as you receive them and keep these in a secure lock box. Utilize the SentrySafe Extra Large Digital Alarm Safe, which is fire- and water-resistant and provides ample storage for important, irreplaceable documents, such as legal forms, birth certificates, passports, social security cards, CDs, digital files, photos, and other valuables.

My Thoughts: 

In this day and age, it has become more important than ever before to keep paperwork and valuables protected. With the internet being the primary way we receive important details, it's imperative to have a place to store printed out paperwork, faxes, or letters through the mail. On top of that, many households have other important memorabilia, documents, or expensive items they know they would never want to lose or damage. With the SentrySafe, you can rest easy knowing your important items are safe! There is a wide variety of safes available on their website, perfect for fitting the size, shape, as well as the type of security settings you prefer.  

The safe that I am reviewing today is Model Number: SFW123TSC. It was a lot larger than expected, but it's so spacious! There are two nice shelves, key hangers, and pockets on the doors. The keypad on the front is a wonderful touch as well! It's easy to use and gives you an added amount of protection. The safe is fire and water proof as well. Setting the safe is a breeze. Plus, having the app and online security through, Master Lock Vault, is fantastic! It gives me an extra amount of relief in knowing my belongings will always be protected while in my safe. If you are looking for a convenient way to keep your valuables secure, SentrySafe has got your back!  

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