Sunday, November 29, 2015

National Cookie Day & National Brownie Day are Almost Here!

National Cookie Day (December 4th) and National Brownie Day (December 8th) are both less than a month away, and there’s no better way to celebrate than with Sugar Bowl Bakery’s Madeleines and Organic Brownie Bites!

Made with 100% butter, Sugar Bowl Bakery’s Madeleines are petite and sweet (but not too sweet) French cake cookies. With a slightly sweet and buttery flavor profile housed in a delicately crunchy cookie, Sugar Bowl Bakery's Madeleines are a texture and flavor masterpiece sure to please. These treats are also free of trans-fat and preservatives, so the whole family can feel good about indulging a bit. 

Sugar Bowl Bakery’s Organic Brownie Bites are the only brownie you need this National Brownie Day. The bite-sized Organic Brownie Bites are indulgent, yet guilt-free, at only 90 calories per serving, and made with only ingredients you can actually pronounce. These individually wrapped snacks are free of preservatives, trans-fat, cholesterol, and have no artificial flavors or colors.

My Thoughts 

If you're looking for a delicious snack to add to your children's lunchbox, then Brownie Bites might be just what you're looking for. These delicious morsels are a mouth watering delight made with rich chocolate.  But you won't have to feel guilty about indulging in these brownies, because they are made using organic ingredients. 

All four of my children loved the Brownie Bites. They arrived in a large container that had at least 100 pre-packaged bites. They only lasted a few days in this house, because it's hard to stop at just one. Most organic brownies I've tried didn't have much flavor and were very dry. That's not the case with these at all. Each one is moist and delicious. The fact that they are individually wrapped makes them the perfect snack to toss in a lunch box or take with you when you're on the go. 

The Madelines are  are lightly crispy on the ends but soft, buttery, and chewy in the centers. The cookies are fresh and soft with a light sweet flavor that is not overpowering, They are wonderful with a cup of tea or coffee and a great adult snack. They are never too sweet, but offer just the right about of flavor. Again, it's hard to believe they're organic.

Of course the Brownie Bites are only one of the delicious treats available from the Sugar Bowel Bakery. To view their full menu, be sure to visit their website or follow them via their social media.  
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Mindful Presence for Holiday Presents

Mindful gifts are the type of present that will keep on giving long after the holiday season has past.  These gifts will inspire us, empower us, and keep us motivated. Here is a little list of some of my favorite mindful gifts.

Inspired by the iconic elephant, a symbol of family, strength and good luck, Ann Taylor will be donating 50 percent of the proceeds of its newLimited-Edition Elephant Jewelry Collection to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. The collection features a ring, bangle and two pendants, and will be available at Ann Taylor stores through January 30.

· St. Jude Elephant Ring, $39.50
· St. Jude Elephant Bangle, $49.50
· St. Jude Gold Elephant Pendant, $49.50
· St. Jude White Elephant Pendant, $59.50

Aiming to empower 5 million women by 2020, Coca-Cola’s 5by20products are the perfect holiday gift. Currently, Coca-Cola is working with artisans from around the world to create one of a kind, handmade items out of recycled materials. Women in Kenya have designed your one-of-a-kind new best friend, the Acacia Creations Soda Can Giraffe made out of recycled aluminum cans. This holiday season give the gift that gives back and makes great home d├ęcor.

If you’re a beauty maven, then you know the holidays are one of the best times of the year - because it means beautifully packaged gift sets. Nerium International introduces the limited-edition 24-Hour Skincare Gift Set, which includes the Age-Defying Night Cream, NeriumAD® Formula and Age-Defying Day Cream, NeriumAD®Formula, both clinically proven to reduce many signs of aging including fine lines, wrinkles, discoloration, uneven skin texture and sagging skin.
· $165,

Celebrity trainer, wellness visionary and New York Times bestselling author, David Kirsch is at it again with his new book Ultimate Family Wellness. Kirsch has taken family wellness to a whole new level with his book that focuses on fitness and nutrition vital to your family’s health.Ultimate Family Wellness provides the whole family with the information they need to improve nutrition, maintain physical fitness and live healthier

·         $22.99, available for pre-order at 

Compression hosiery is no longer for grandparents! Now,Tramps Fashion Compression Hosiery is here for active modern women who require a product that addresses comfort and fashion with a new line of colorful, fashion-forward compression hosiery. It offers light to medium compression to help improve circulation in the legs and oxygen flow to the heart. Perfect for your hairdressers, flight attendants, retail workers, nurse, wait staff anyone who wants to protect their legs from spider veins. Tramps Hoisery can be worn for work, play, exercise, travel and rest.
·         $58 - $

Perfect for at home, in the office, or on the go, this cordless InstaShiatsu Plus massager has multiple settings and versatility so it can relieve achy muscles all over the body.  The internal rechargeable battery holds enough power for hours of use, and self-adjusting settings allow the user to customize the pain-relief that works best.

·         $140,

My Thoughts

As both an author and a blogger, I spend a lot of time in my chair--probably anywhere from eight to eighteen hours each day, depending on deadlines and such. Being hunched over a computer monitor can really take a tole on your back. Before I had kids, I used to go out for an occasional massage, but that sort of luxury would be out of my price range even if I had the freedom these days. What's the next best thing to getting oiled up by a sexy guy named Sven? The InstaShiatsu Plus massager from Trumedic.

As soon as I received my InstaShiatsu Plus massager  I tested it out.  The device has a strap that allows you wrap around your wrists. This prevents any movement and holds it in place. Once you turn it on, prepare to go straight to heaven. In my humble opinion, this massager works better than the large scale professional chairs at the nail salon. Let me tell you why...

The massager comes with a remote that allows you to control exactly how much pressure is applied and where you'd like it applied. Choose from several kneading functions that concentrate on one of three locations--upper back, lower back, or shoulders. his is great if you have a problem area that needs extra attention.  For me, my shoulders get sore from bending over the computer, but my son has lower back issues. Both of us were able to find  a zone that was just right for us.  The moving nodules feel absolutely amazing, but they do take some getting used to. My teen daughter thought it hurt the first time she tried it, but after a few uses, she loved it just as much this old fogy.  

In addition to the massaging nodules, the masasger has another feature that I have fallen in love with. I've had massage cushions before, but this is the first one that included a heating element. The gentle warmth the cushion radiates is both soothing and relaxing. 

 Now I won't lie. I'd still prefer Sven if I had the choice. But in the meantime, I am definitely enjoying my InstaShiatsu Plus. There are really no drawbacks to this product. It's five stars all the way. If you'd like to learn more about this fantastic device and all the quality spa quality products at Trumedic,

Holiday Gift Guide - Give Them Their DNA This Holiday Season

Your loved one can uncover their ethnic mix by going back multiple generations, discover close or distant relatives from our over 1 million other users, and find new details about their family history, all with a simple saliva sample.  It is a gift that offers continuous experiences for years. This small box will bring you family history going back centuries.

Visit AncestryDNA For More Information

My Thoughts 

AncestryDNA is such an amazing opportunity to learn about your heritage.  My father was adopted and has been unable to locate any information on this biological parents. I know I'm Italian on my mother's side, but his side is a huge black hole. Am I German? Irish? Based on coloring I assume we're some form of European, but it would be amazing to find out for sure, and AncestryDNA is giving me a chance to do just that.

I got to test out AncestryDNA and it was way easier than I expected. They sent me a little packet with a tube. You fill it with saliva to the indicted line and send it back in the pre-addressed box. A few days after I sent it in, I got a reply that my DNA was being processed. It does take several weeks to get the results, but while I wait, I've been exploring the website. When my results come back, not only will  it give me an idea of where my ancestors derive from, it can also match me up with other online users who I may be related to! I'm really excited to get my results.   

All in all, even though I haven't gotten my final results yet, I am very impressed with The system was fun and easy to use, and I'm sure I'll learn a few things about my family that I didn't know before. There's also plenty to explore at  It's exciting to have so much information at your finger tips and to be able to see things like your grandparents marriage license or the signature from when your great-parents arrived on Ellis Island. I definitely plan on searching for more in the months to come. Like they always say in their commercials, you don't need to know what you're looking for. You just need to start looking.

Healthy Holiday Sweets are Organic and Delicious!

Tis the Season to be Sweet and Organic!

TruJoy Sweets makes it easy to enjoy natural sweetness.... HO HO HOLD UP! - TruJoy Sweets Organic Candy Canes and New! Organic Peppermint Choco Chews are all free of artificial colors and flavors, corn syrup free, Non-GMO project verified, gluten-free, vegan and kosher too! For more information:

Just in time for the holiday! A special holiday treat with the perfect mix of dark chocolate flavor and refreshing peppermint. Organic peppermint candy pieces mixed with TruJoy Sweets original Organic Chocolate Chews.

TRUJOY SWEETS ORGANIC CANDY CANES:  SRP $3.99 / 5 oz (141g) – 10 candy canes per box.
With an all-natural peppermint flavor, these are a cleaner version of the popular holiday favourite.
Sweetened and colored with organic apple juice, organic black current and organic black carrot juice. They are also peanut-free!

Made from all natural and organic ingredients, these bite-sized treats are the perfect balance of chocolate and chew. The organic alternative to popular chocolate chews.

 For more information including nutritional data please visit,

My Thoughts

I am always on the lookout for new organic products, and TruJoy has some really awesome items that are perfect for the holiday season. Decorating the tree wouldn't be complete without a few candy canes, but who knows what goes into the ones you pick up at the grocery store. TruJoy has minty candy canes that are made with only the best organic ingredients, so when your child sneaks one off the tree, you know they aren't getting getting any GMOs.

Another scrumptious morsel we got to test out was the Peppermint ChocoChews. These combine the best of both worlds by bringing chocolate and peppermint together in one delicious gluten-free bite. Each one is a chewy delight that will leave you wanting more. They are the perfect candy to fill up your candy bowls with, and I bet Santa wouldn't mind getting a few of these in place of cookies!

Of course, these are only a few examples of the organic candy you can find at TruJoy. To see all the tempting ways to stuff your stockings, be sure to visit their website.

Holiday Gifts from Kohl's

With the holidays only a few weeks away, it's time to start giving some serious thought to the gifts we'll be getting.  I don't know about you, but I have a very diverse family.  Being a single mother of four who works and goes to college, I don't have time to go to a hundred different stores. So where can I can find gifts for all these unique personality types? Well, Kohl's
, of course! They have such a huge selection, you can find just the right gift for everyone on your list, even your pets! Kohl's sent me a fun box of some of their favorite picks, all available for under $50.  Take a look at these goodies and grab them while you can!

Protocol Dog Treat Launcher - Regular price $20- On sale now for only $10.

Apt 9 Coin Pouch - Only $13.20 marked down from $20.

SO Tank & Leggings Pajama gift set - Regular price is $40, but you can nab one right now for only $19.99.

This Mr. Potato Head Masters of the Galaxy Playset is a Kohl's exclusive and is on sale for only $34.99

Shopkins are a hot items and this year and Kohl's has several fun sets that will make great stocking stuffers.

These are only a few examples of the awesome toys available. At Kohl's, you can find gifts for the whole family.  Its all under one roof and all for the best possible prices. To keep up with all the great products at Kohl's, be sure to check out their website or follow them on face book.

Holiday Gift Guide - Lalaloopsy Strings Pick N Strum - #Giveaway

Lalaloopsy were once rag dolls who magically came to life when their very last stitch was sewn. Each doll has her own personality that comes from the fabrics that were used to make her. They live in a fantastical world full of silly surprises. With your love, and a bit of imagination, the Lalaloopsy magic can go on forever. Strings Pick 'N' Strum was made from a guitar pick. She's a talented guitar player who's easily distracted. But when deciding what song to play, she can take her pick! Sewn on February 11th (Get out your guitar day) Product Features: - Each Lalaloopsy character has a unique personality based on what she was made from - Shoes and clothes are removable for fashion play - Sewn on February 11th (Get out your guitar day) - Doll is 13 inches doll - Totally collectible!

My Thoughts

Strings Pick N Strum Doll  is an adorable edition to our Lalaloopsy collection and perfect for the music lover in your life.  Like all the dolls, she is very well made. There aren't many small pieces, aside form her shoes which slip on and off easily.  She has super cute hot pink hair that looks like curls pulled into a ponytail on the side. 

Strings Pick N Strum has an outfit  that is really beautiful. The pants are plaid with a little dress on top that has polka dots. The collar looks the neck of a guitar and she has a bow to match. It's a really unique look. My daughter just loves her. 

Lalaloopsy dolls are tons of fun and would definitely make a great gift this holiday season. You can find the full collection of Lalaloopsy dolls in stores nationwide or online on Amazon.  For more information and to meet all the characters, you can visit Lalaloopsy. Don’t forget to follow them on Facebook,You Tube and Twitter for “Sew” cute news and update. 

The Giveaway

One lucky winner is going to receive a  Lalaloopsy Strings Pick N Strum.  To enter, just fill in the Giveaway Tools form below. This giveaway will end on 12/19/15. Open to the US only. The winner will be notified via email and will have 48 hours to reply. Thanks again to the sponsor for offering this fantastic prize.

$25 Visa Gift Card Giveaway