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KidsEmbrace Character Car Seat #Giveaway

Welcome to the KidsEmbrace Character Car Seat Giveaway, hosted by Viva Veltoro and Thrifty Nifty Mommy and sponsored by KidsEmbrace! About the KidsEmbrace (information obtained and modified from the KidsEmbrace website):
KIDSEmbrace™ is set apart from our competitors by our people and their unequalled dedication to the product and service for our customers. We work closely with parents, reviewing their input, and in doing so we have delivered a product that is unmatched in safety, appearance, quality and comfort. Our team includes engineers who led development of the industry's most successful child safety seats. Our chief engineer serves as a consultant to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the Federal agency that sets standards for vehicle safety. Rest assured, this is not only a fun product, the KIDSEmbrace™ child safety seat is also one of the safest seats available today. Our 5-point harness design was developed in partnership with the European company Sabelt®, the race-tested supplier of safety harness systems to NASCAR® and Formula 1™ race teams. In sudden stops or crashes, the KIDSEmbrace™ seat controls forward movement of the child's head using our own patent-pending high-position top tether system, which allows the head support to rise and lower with the tether in place. The KIDSEmbrace™ car seat offers side-impact protection and our deeper "wraparound" headrest design shields the sides of your child's face from flying glass in event of a collision. In fact, no other child safety seat on the market has the same combination of features as this one. We are providing the highest quality product, conceived by a veteran design team and engineered to NHTSA rigid crash test standards and our own rigorous KIDSEmbrace™ quality standards.

 KidsEmbrace has just added an AWESOME new toddler car seat to their line-up. In addition to their popular Batman, Dora, and Spongebob seats, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle seat is now available! Your little one can have the ultimate "Turtle Power" experience with this fun new seat. You can purchase it at Buy Buy Baby for only $149.

Car Seat Features & Specs:

  • Harnessed Booster Weight Limit: 22-65 lbs.
  • Booster Seat Wegith Limit: 30-100 lbs.
  • Extended Use Five-Point Harness
  • Easy to Install LATCH Connectors
  • One Hand Harness Tightner
  • Two-Position Crotch Strap
  • Built In Belt Guides
  • Two-Position Recline
  • Deep Seat
  • Wraparound Headrest
  • Side Impact Tested
  • High Density EPS Foam
  • Removeable and Machine Washable Cover
  • Three-Position Adjustable Headrest
  • Dual Cupholders
  • High Impact Thermoplastic Seat Shell
  • Patent Pending High Position Top Tether System
Wouldn't you love to win one of these seats? KidsEmbrace is giving you the chance to win a car seat of your choice!
Connect: You can connect with KidsEmbrace on Facebook and follow them on Twitter. Buy It: You can purchase these fun seats for $129 - $149 on the KidsEmbrace website, Buy Buy Baby, and in select stores like Toys "R" Us/Babies "R" Us, and Burlington Coat Factory. You can also purchase KidsEmbrace seats on Amazon.com. Win It: KidsEmbrace is offering one lucky reader a car seat in the character of his/her choice!
Open to the US only, ages 18 and up. Ends 8/12/14 at 11:59 PM EST. Enter using the Giveaway Tools form below.
Disclosure: I have not received any compensation for hosting this giveaway. Amazon link is an affiliate link. The participating bloggers are not responsible for prize fulfillment. Please contact vivaveltoro(at)gmail.com if you have any questions.

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Back to School Essentials for Preschoolers from Kohl's - #Giveaway

This year my daughter Willow will be starting pre-school. I can't believe she's already big enough to go to school! I started this blog when I was pregnant with her, and many of you have watched her grow up with me. Now, I'm getting ready to send her out into the great big world. It's a little scary for both of us, but Kohl's is helping make this transition easier. Last week, I told you about all the awesome finds I bought for my teen and tween. Today, I'll share how Kohl's has just as many great products for little kids as well.

Like all new school kids, my daughter is a little nervous about leaving me for the very first time. One of the ways I'm helping ease her into it, is by letting her pick out all her own clothes and accessories for school. Right now, she is all about puppies, and Kohl's has us covered on puppies all the way.  She picked out books, clothes, a school  bag, and even socks with her favorite furry friends.

The clothing selection they had for little ones was pretty impressive as well. They had so many styles to choose from. I found some adorable sets that are perfect for school. I love finding complete outfits so I don't have to worry about coordinating. Many of their tops come with either a matching necklace or scarf.

Kohl's also has a whole line of Disney themed products with everything from Cars to Princesses. Your favorite character can be proudly displayed on your shirt or even your book bag.

This year, Kohl's has partnered with Office Max to bring you all the school supplies you need including crayola crayons and markers, which is a staple of any preschoolers pencil case. This is the first time Kohl's has sold this type of school supply, making them more convenient than ever.

My daughter really enjoyed her first school shopping trip at Kohl's. She loved everything she picked out and is all ready to start preschool with a big smile and lots of puppy dogs!

These are just a few examples of the awesome Back-to-School essentials you can find at Kohl's. They have everything you need for kids of all ages. Make them your first stop and you won't need to go anywhere else!  To keep up with all the great products at Kohl's, check out their website or follow them on face book.

The Giveaway

One lucky winner is going to receive a $100 Kohl's Gift Card to help you get ready for the back to school season!  To enter, just fill in the Rafflecopter form below. This giveaway will end on  8/19/14 at 12:00am EST. Open to the US only. The winner will be notified via email and will have 48 hours to reply. Thanks again to Kohl's for offering this fantastic prize.

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***I received a gift card to facilitate my review. Opinions are my own***

Bewitched Seasons 1-4 from Mill Creek Entertainment - Review & #Giveaway

Double, Double Twice the Bewitching Trouble!
Elizabeth Montgomery stars as Samantha Stephens, a pretty, typical America housewife who just happens to be a witch in this beloved comedy classic! This magical 6 DVD collection includes the Emmy® Award-winning first & second seasons in their entirety. These were the first 74 episodes that introduced one of the funniest ensemble casts in TV History and enchanted viewers with a hysterically look at the lifestyles of the witch and famous!

Join Dick York as Samantha's mortal husband Darrin, Agnes Moorehead as his witch of a mother-in-law Endora, Alice Pearce as nosey neighbor Gladys Kravitz, George Tobias as her oblivious husband Abner, Marion Lorne as dotty Aunt Clara and Paul Lynde as Samantha's Uncle Arthur along with other 60’s pop icons Adam West, Raquel Welch, Peggy Lipton and Arte Johnson as they brew up hours of sidesplitting laughter and fun!

Magical Comedy Soars in Seasons 3 & 4!

It's fun, light, magical entertainment” – Paul Mavis, DVD Talk 
Elizabeth Montgomery stars as Samantha Stephens, a pretty, typical American housewife who just happens to be a witch in this beloved comedy classic! This magical 6 DVD collection includes all 66 hilarious episodes of the third and fourth seasons in color along with the return of the same enchanting cast.

Join Dick York as Samantha's mortal husband Darin, Agnes Moorehead as his witch of a mother-in-law Endora, Alice Pearce as nosey neighbor Gladys Kravitz, George Tobias as her oblivious husband Abner, Marion Lorne as dotty Aunt Clara and Paul Lynde as Samantha's Uncle Arthur as they brew up hours of sidesplitting laughter and fun!

My Thoughts:

Bewitched Seasons 1 and 2 brings one of my favorite shows to DVD in the original black & white format. In this set, you'll follow Darrin and Samantha as her secret is revealed and Darrin comes to terms with the fact that his wife, and the whole of her eccentric family are witches.  There are a full 72 episodes in this set, going from the honey moon and the birth of their first child and more. All my favorite characters are represented, including the wicked mother-in-law, Eldora to absent-minded Aunt Clara.  Getting this huge set of classic episodes for such a low price is a fantastic deal.

Seasons 3 and 4 is another great addition to my DVD collection. In these 66 episodes, the series starts to film in color. They take advantage of the new imagery by taking Darrin and Samantha on new adventures where beautiful costumes and silly wigs often come into play. Their daughter is also developing her powers and getting the family into more scrapes. I love how Samantha blends her magical abilities with her every day chores as a mother and house wife. This will always be one of my favorite television shows, and I'm excited to have it on DVD to watch anytime I choose.

The Giveaway

 One lucky winner is going to receive a copy of Bewtiched Seasons 1-4 on DVD! To enter just fill out the rafflecopter form below. Open to the US only. Giveaway will end 8/19/14. The winner will be notified via email and will have 48 hours to reply. Thanks again to the sponsor for offering this fantastic prize

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Book Spotlight - Soulfire

SOR SoulFire VBT Banner
Genre: YA Fantasy

What’s worse than finding out the monsters from your nightmares are real? Discovering you’ve spent lifetimes trying to defeat them. . . And lost.
Seventeen-year-old Rena Langley wants her life to be normal. She works hard to not attract attention, to be a face lost in the crowd. A gamer, she succeeds in flying under the radar. Except for the nightmares. They’ve plagued her life and they’re worse than ever.
Petrov DeForest claims that the monsters from her nightmares are deadly real and hunger for the pureness of her soul. She’s starting to think he’s right, even if she doesn’t believe they’ve spent lifetimes together. Then Petrov tells her she has the defense against the monsters held deep within her body, her SoulFire. She’s certain he’s insane. Until the monsters invade her waking hours. Using her SoulFire to defeat the monsters means accepting her destiny.
Ben Foster is a detective investigating the murder of two students at Rena’s high school. Can she be involved? Her name is the last word his partner spoke before being swallowed by the darkness.
Can Rena and Petrov survive? Or will this lifetime end like so many have before?

SORM excerpt
Rena rolled her eyes as she increased the video game’s volume. “Have fun Brea,” she shouted over the racket, ignoring her sister and the news that the relative invasion had begun. She would never begrudge her mother’s time with her only sister, or the injection of testosterone in a house flooded with female hormones, but she didn’t have to like it. Her father and her uncle Ron were friends from way back, at least to their college days. Pretty soon it would be all fishing trips and barbeques.

“He’s been stuck with creepy Eugene all summer, but they’re here now, and he’s all ours!” Brea buzzed, almost quivering, and shot to her feet.

“No, he’s all yours, and Eugene’s not that creepy.” Rena ignored the rest of her sister’s words, slipping the headphones back into place.

“He’s gorgeous… dark wavy hair, big beautiful sapphire blue eyes.” She faked a swoon, once again landing on the bed, but quickly sitting back up. When Rena didn’t respond, Brea pulled the headphones away.

“You gotta see him! But, remember, I saw him first!” She dragged Rena to her feet.

The problem with Brea was that she never had a shortage of boyfriends, and another stupid jock was so not worth Rena’s time.

“Oh, you saw him first all right. Go for it; I’ve had my fill.” Rena tugged her hand from Brea’s clutch. “It’s very okay with me. Besides, I don’t want to deal with relatives or their friends, but you go ahead, have fun.” Rena’s hands found the middle of Brea’s back, prodding her toward the door. Guys were the last thing on Rena’s mind. She remembered the humiliation of being ditched. Her first and only date had left with Brea instead.

“Oh, honestly! Just come and meet him, then you can come back here to brood and hide. Besides, he’s already asked about y-o-u.” Brea crowed as she sucked in another breath. “Isn’t it driving you crazy? Knowing a strange boy has asked about you? Come on, you’re not still mad about Bobby?” Brea squeezed her eyes closed. “It’s not my fault he asked me to go out with him.”

Rena shook her head in disbelief. How could Brea not see how wrong that was? “Oh, no, not me, I’m not mad at all.” She reached down, stroking Random’s soft fur. “Gee-sus, Brea! He dumped me in the living room, and you left with him!” It had all been a ploy to get close to Brea. He was a creep-a-zoid from the outer reaches of Tamriel. Rena tried to imagine him as one of the goons on Skyrim.

Then, she stopped cold, almost dropping the game controller. “What do you mean he asked about me? Why would he think about me? I don’t know him.” Rena wanted to strangle Brea. Now it was going to drive her crazy.

“Come on Ree, say you’re not mad.” Brea fluttered her pretty blonde eyelashes. “Come on, I’d do it for you.” She pushed out her bottom lip in a pout, giving Rena her best imitation of puppy dog eyes.

Rena snorted a laugh, covering her mouth with her hands. “You’re delusional Brea.”

“Oh, come on, you know you have got to meet this guy! It could be your destiny!” Brea breathed with wonder as she wheedled. “Besides, Mom said to come get you, to introduce you to our company. Want me to go back and tell her you said no?” Her toe started to tap an annoying beat.

Rena squeezed her eyes closed. “Okay, all right, don’t get your panties in a bunch.” She eyed Brea, and thought, the sooner I get it over with the better. “Fine, I’ll come meet your Petrov whatever, but don’t say I didn’t do you any favors.” Rena heaved a sigh, dragging her feet as she followed her sister out of the room, Random close to her side.

Brea hurried ahead to the living room where the others waited. When Rena finally made her way down the hall, dog quivering at her side, Brea snatched up her hand.

“Ree, meet Petrov, Petrov, my sister Rena,” Brea gushed as she released Rena’s hand to grab Petrov’s.

Rena could only stand and stare. His eyes… His sapphire gaze faded to an icy blue as she became aware of his critical appraisal, and she felt like a bug on display.

Buy Links:   Amazon    Midnight Frost Books 

SORM About the Author
Lillie J. Roberts is a multi-published author who loves to reviews books as well. Lillie (a.k.a Dottie at Tink’s Place), enjoys sharing her thoughts about the books she’s read. Stop by sometime, let her know what your think. Her preferred genre is paranormal romance, the darker the better, though if you give her a good thriller/chiller and she’s happy too. She loves all types paranormal creatures from vampires, were- creatures, witches, ghosts, and other things that go bump in the night. She loves a good ghost story, so if you have one, share it with her. The scariest book she’s ever read is a toss up between Bram Stroker’s Dracula or Stephen King’s It (both gave her nightmares).

Lillie lives in central Illinois with her husband, three children, and one wild Westie (who is also her reading and critique partner; he listens to all her new story ideas, almost always with a wicked sense of humor). She is an animal lover as are her heroines and heroes (and no, that doesn’t include insects or spiders). She loves movies and listens to them while she writes, it doesn’t matter if they’re old or new, as long as they’re engaging. She enjoys all kinds of music, especially if it has a hard driving beat. You’ll find some on her favorite artists mentioned in the pages of her books. She writes Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy, Chillers/Thillers, Suspense from Modern Contemporary to New Adult and YA, from sweetly innocent to naughty romance. She tends to be a genre bender, mixing her genres to provide an unique read.

Author Links:   Amazon   Facebook   Twitter   Site   Goodreads

Tiggly Shapes - Learning Toys for iPad

My youngest child is two  years old and he always wants to be included in what his siblings are doing. When he sees everyone plugged into their iPads and iPods, he feels left out. Luckly, Tiggly Shapes is a game designed just for him. This tool is a wonderful way for him to make his first online experience educational and fun.

Tiggly shapes come in sets of four delightful shapes in red, blue, green and yellow. They are inspired by the classic wooden blocks, and are easy for pudgy little hands to hold. The fun thing about these shapes, is that they are tools that work along with the Tiggly Shapes Apps,  which are compatible with both the iPad and iPad mini, turning your tablet into a learning center for toddlers. The app includes a variety of games that teach kids shapes and fundamental geometry concepts, improve their language skills, and develop their motor skills, spatial thinking, and creativity.

There are three apps available to go along with your Tiggly Shapes: Tiggly Stamp, Tiggly Safari, and Tiggly Draw. Some of the games are very simple and basic, like matching the shapes to the pictures. These are perfect for kids as young as eighteen months. Others are more challenging for kids that are a little older. My son loves the jungle animals where he used his shapes to design the animals. You can also explore the seasons, create unique artwork, and use your camera and voice recorder to create fun stories.

Each of the shapes is completely safe for toddlers and iPad screens. There are no choking hazards, they are easy to grip, and they don't scratch the service of the tablet. It even comes with a handy bag to carry to store your Tiggly Shapes when they aren't in use. If you'd like to get Tiggly Shapes for yourself, it is available on the Tiggly website or online at Amazon. It's only $29.95 and well worth the investment.  You can also find them on face book or twitter.

***Disclosure: New Age Mama reviewers received a complimentary product and/or compensation in exchange for this post. Opinions our our own. This post is in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission 10 CFR, Part 255 Guides Concerning the use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.***

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Animal Trackers Club - Review & #Giveaway

The Animal Trackers Club is a fun subscription box perfect for kids who love  nature. Every month, the box features another wild animal and provides, crafts, games, toys, and educational materials about those animals. Kids can learn all about their favorite creature's habitats, what they like to eat, and even their strengths and weaknesses.

My two little ones were thrilled to get the chance to check out the Animal Trackers Club. We live a few minutes away from the zoo, and spend a lot of time there since it's a fun activity with lots of nature trails. Getting to learn more about some of their favorite wildlife was a exciting prospect for them. They received both the starter kit and the Zebra box. The starter kit comes with all the necessities to keep your Animal Trackers collection in order, including an adorable metal lunch box with their logo and a keyring that you can add your informational clips to every month.

This month's activities revolved around Zebras and sure you get a lot of great stuff. Just some of the fun items included are crafts, games, action figures, magnets, pencils, masks, games, a zebra fact sheet and more. There were lots of activities my kids enjoyed, like the matching card game that had the fronts and back of different animals, making a zebra from colored packing popcorn, and using padded stickers to create a jungle scene. They also learned a lot about zebras, like the fact that they have very strong teeth and can run super fast. This educational box provides hours of entertainment. If you'd like to learn more about this fantastic subscription box and see what other animals you can collect, be sure to visit the Animal Trackers Club website. If your kids prefer space over jungle safaris, they also offer a space scouts subscriptions.

Connect with Animal Trackers Club

Face book

The Giveaway

One lucky winner is going to receive the "Introduction pack" (month 1) and "Zebra pack" (month 2)! To enter just fill out the Giveaway Tools form below. Open to the US only. Giveaway will end 8/18/14. The winner will be notified via email and will have 48 hours to reply. Thanks again to Animal Trackers Club for offering this fantastic prize. 

Parragon Books - Troll Two Three Four & Mooo on the Farm - Review & #Giveaway

 Parragon is one of the largest illustrated non-fiction publishers in the world. From great selections of Disney, Barbie, Monster High, Ever After High, Discovery Kids, Dora, TMNT, Sponge Bob to in-house favorites including Little Learners, Pinkabella, Dino Supersaurus, Glitterbelle, Life Canvas, Love Food and more, they make books affordable and accessible to readers all around the globe. Here are a few great choices from their Little Learners Collection.

The trolls are coming! When the trolls march from Troll Land into People World, everyone runs to hide. Can one little boy help the trolls and humans get along? Find out in this funny yet heart-warming story of fear, acceptance, and friendship.

 My Thoughts

Troll Two Three Four is a really cute story. A little troll named Boogaloo who's looking for a friend follows a balloon through the clouds into the human world. Other trolls follow him, singing their marching song, Trolls,  Two Three Four. At first all the humans are afraid of the trolls, but when Boogaloo makes friend's with a little boy, both people and trolls realize they have more in common than they thought.

This beautifully illustrated children's book is filled with bright colors and vivid images, but it also has an important lesson . There's no reason why people should be segregated because of their differences if trolls and humans can get along. A fun story with a great moral for kids!

 With 10 cool sound buttons, fun facts, full-color pictures and much more, this Discovery Kids sound-and-reference book is a unique way for kids to learn about life on the farm! Kids ages 2 and up will love matching the sounds to the animals in this vibrant and interactive book.

My Thoughts

My children absolutely adored this book. They are both animal lovers and most of the farm animals featured are also at our local zoo, so they were really enthusiastic about reading it. The book is geared to younger children, so there are only a few lines on each page, but each line is informative and educational.  Kids will learn what farm animals eat, what they're babies are called, and most exciting of all, the noises they make. As you read, the children can press the buttons on the side of the board book to hear those animal sounds for themselves. Having that incentive is a great way to keep children engaged, even if they have a short attention span when it comes to reading. It also includes beautiful images of real animals, not cartoons, so children learn what the animals actually look like. I can't recommend this book enough for preschoolers.

These are just a few examples of the fun books you can find at Parragaon Books. For more great titles for your kids, be sure to visit the Parragon website or connect with them via social media.

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The Giveaway 

 One lucky winner is going to receive  both Troll Two Three Four & Mooo on the Farm! To enter, just fill in the Rafflecopter form below. This giveaway will end on  7/11/14  at 12:00am EST. Open to the US only. The winner will be notified via email and will have 48 hours to reply. Thanks again to Parragon Books offering this fantastic prize.