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Book Spotlight & Giveaway - Just Desserts


When her friend Julia needed help forming a revenge plan against her ex-boyfriend, Ava was happy to lend a hand. She never expected that in the course of making Liam pay, she'd be the one to fall hard. . .for the one person who was absolutely off-limits. Crushing on the guy who humiliated her best friend is definitely against the girl code. Besides, Ava has goals. Her life is all about graduating with honors and landing the perfect job. And Liam Bailey—sweet-talking, complicated son of a well-known local politician—isn't part of those plans. But Liam doesn't give up easily. And he doesn't intend to let their friends' opinions, his parents' disapproval or Ava's past get in the way of what he wants--Ava's heart.


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About the Author

Tawdra Kandle has been a writer since the invention of the pen. Her first published work appeared in Child's Life magazine when she was 13. After a brief, thirty-year hiatus, she published a young adult quartet, The King Series. More recently, she's released contemporary and paranormal romances in both the adult and New Adult genres. Tawdra lives in central Florida with her husband and children, of both skin and fur types. And yes, she has purple hair.

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Coffee Blenders - All-Natural Coffee with Benefits - Review & #Giveaway

The Coffee Blenders line is available in three varieties: Lean, Focus and Escape – each include a full serving of all-natural nutrients clinically proven to enhance weight loss, improve cognitive performance and reduce stress!
All three varieties are cultivated from 100% Arabica, hand-roasted dark blend, originating from the top one percent of the world’s finest beans grown in Central and South America.
     -  Lean, which includes 400 mg of Svetol®, an all-natural green coffee bean extract that canhelp     with weight loss.
-  Focus, which boosts cognitive function with 200 mg Cereboost®, an all-natural, fast-acting derivative from American Ginseng clinically proven to improve concentration as well as short- and long-term memory.
-  Escape, which contains a full serving of L-Tea Active®, a safe all-natural amino acid found in green tea leaves that is clinically proven to reduce minor or occasional stress without feeling drowsy.
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My Thoughts

Being a total coffee-holic, I was excited to find one that does more than make me jittery. Coffee Blenders coffees are absolutely amazing. They use unique, rich blends of dark roast coffee and mingle them with all-natural ingredients that give you the boost you need. Whether you have a big project that needs your undivided attention, a way to destress after a long day, or something to help you loose a few pounds, Coffee Blenders has just what you're looking for.

I tried all three varieties of  Coffee Blenders, and first off, let me tell you, the only thing you'll taste is delicious, fresh, gourmet coffee. There's no bitterness or aftertaste. But even though you can't taste the all-natural boosters inside, you'll notice them going to work almost immediately. I tried the Focus blend first. With four kids running around the house for summer break, forty pending blog posts, and a book deadline looming, I needed all the help I could get. The Focus blend is made using  Cereboost, which is clinically proven to increase your cognitive ability.  Starting off the day with this coffee easily doubles my production. It does all this naturally, without making your heart race or your nerves act up like most energy drinks.

Next up, I tried the Escape. I like drinking this one at night because it calms me down and helps me let go of all the negative events of the day.  The active ingredient is L-Tea Active, another all-natural supplement designed to reduce anxiety. And it definitely works. I have a lot more patience with my kids--and my husband--when I'm sipping this coffee.

Last but not least, there is the Lean blend which is made with an all-natural green coffee bean extract that can help you lose weight just by drinking it. To be honest, I'm not really in need of losing weight and I haven't been drinking it long enough to see any real difference, but if you're looking for a diet beverage, you can't ask for a better choice than this. The only thing you'll taste is delicious coffee. No artificial sugar taste like you'll find in other diet drinks. Like all the Coffee Blenders beverages, it's all about all-natural coffee with benefits. Check them out today and see which blend is right for you, or get a sampler pack and try them all. You won't be disappointed.
Svetol, an all-natural green coffee bean extract
L-Tea Active
L-Tea Active
L-Tea Active

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The Giveaway

One lucky winner is going to receive a box of each of the three varieties to try for yourself! To enter just fill out the rafflecopter form below. Open to the US only. Giveaway will end 8/12/14. The winner will be notified via email and will have 48 hours to reply. Thanks again to Coffee Blenders for offering this fantastic prize.

Review & #Giveaway - Celsius Sparkling Cola

"Product was received for free in exchange for an honest review."

If you have a craving for that soda flavor, this healthy and tasty alternative will give you all of that great flavor without the guilt.

Celsius is the world's first and only negative calorie drink, backed by multiple clinical studies. Studies show that drinking a great tasting Celsius before exercise helps you burn up to 100 calories and more per serving, boosts metabolism, reduces body fat, increases endurance and provides lasting energy.
Celsius is powered by MetaPlus®, a blend of ingredients designed to work together to increase calorie burning over a three-hour period. The formula is the result of years of research and testing and while the mix is proprietary, consumers readily recognize and trust the healthier blend of its ingredients such as: Green Tea with EGCG, Ginger, Calcium, Chromium, Caffeine, Guarana, and Vitamins B & C.

The Newly Launched Flavor: Sparkling Cola

Burns 100 Calories and More per serving

  • Provides Lasting Energy
  • Reduces Body Fat
  • Improves Endurance
  • Clinically Proven

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    My thoughts:

    I have been drinking the Celsius Sparkling Cola (Cola flavor) for a couple weeks now. I only drink one a day in the afternoon.  I have not had any after taste at all.  And it tastes good.  Gives me the boost of energy I need. I was a little nervous at first that these drinks would make my heart race, but that was not the case at all.  I love that I don't have that afternoon craving for any sweets, as I would prior to drinking this.  There is two hundred milligrams of caffeine per can.

    I have only tried the Cola flavor, but there are other flavors as well including Sparkling Orange, and Wild Berry.  They also have Non-Carbonated Flavors:  Rasberry Acai Green Tea, and Peach Mango Green Tea.  I do plan on trying the other flavors.

    Gran a 12 pack for yourself on Amazon.

    The Giveaway

    One lucky winner is going to receive a sample box from Lunch Balancer! To enter just fill out the Giveaway Tools form below. Open to the US only. Giveaway will end 8/15/14. The winner will be notified via email and will have 48 hours to reply. Thanks again to Celsius for offering this fantastic prize.

    Gamewright Goes Big for Its 20th Anniversary - Slamwitch Review

    2014 will mark Gamewright’s 20th year of making “games for the infinitely imaginative.” To celebrate this giant milestone, the Newton, MA based company is thinking big with 7 new titles that will be released at the New York International Toy Fair. Games include a “super-sized” edition of Slamwich, a jumbo version of the hot-selling Rory’s Story Cubes, as well as Qwixx, an exciting family dice game from Europe, and the re-launch of a highly anticipated card game called Sushi Go! More highlights from Gamewright’s latest and greatest:

    Super Slamwich – A 20th anniversary edition of Gamewright’s now-classic first ever card game. Includes oversized cards and a giant sandwich shaped box.

     • Rory’s Story Cubes - MAX – Nine extra large cubes with the original Rory’s Story Cubes images that aim to inspire the storyteller in all of us. 

     • Sushi Go! – A fast-paced sushi-themed card game in a gorgeous tin package.

     • Pyramix – Easy to learn and hard to win strategy game with wooden components that form a cascading pyramid.

     • Qwixx – A dice game full of fever-pitched decision making. This game is a thrill – a- roll.

     • Dodge Dice – Push your luck and dodge penalty points with this dice game perfect for groups.

     • Over Under – Latest title in our travel-friendly “Port-a-Party” game line. This is the ultimate game of guesstimates where being close counts.

    My thoughts:
    We tried out the Slamwitch Game and it's a fun game for children as well as adults.  It comes in a box that looks like a lunch box.  The instructions are quite simply and easy to understand, except for children ten and under I would suggest an adult explaining them.  The cards are sturdy and easy to handle.  And are very colorful with detail.   The person that ends up with all the cards wins.
    Some of the combinations are hilarious. For example, peanut butter and eggs.  My son gets so excited when he slaps the cards and gets to yell "stop thief".  My daughter who is ten has sleep overs, and the girls love to play this game.  The only down fall is if only two people are playing the game can be lengthy, I would recommend more than two. 
    This is only a few example of dozens of fun games available at Gamewright. They have games available for children from ages three and up.   To learn more about this great company and all they have to offer you can visit their website. You can also follow them on twitter or become their fan on face book. Also be sure to check out all their games on Amazon. Spice up your family game night with the unique board games you can only find at Gamewright!


    Belli Fresh Start Pre-Treatment Scrub and Belli Anti-Blemish Facial Wash

     I recently  got to try out two all-natural, paraben, salicylic, glycolic and benzoyl peroxide-free skin care products from Belli Skincare that are completely safe and effective for pregnant women, new moms, and ladies in general. This includes Belli Fresh Start Pre-Treatment Scrub and Belli Anti-Blemish Facial Wash.  These products are amazing for prepping and cleansing skin, resulting in a healthy glow. This-two step program guarantees smooth and subtle skin for women of all ages. Both my teen daughter and myself gave them a shot, and we were really impressed with the results. Not only do they leave your skin feeling soft and clean, they're also a great way to fight acne, making them the perfect choice for teens as well as adults. Here is a little about each step and my thoughts on them.

     1. PREP:  Belli Fresh Start Pre-Treatment Scrub exfoliates to help prepare skin for the application of other skin care products.  This invigorating scrub for face and body sweeps away old skin cells to reveal soft, smooth healthy skin for better absorption and the optimal efficacy of any products applied afterwards. It features green tea extract and ginseng, both are rich in antioxidants and includes the refreshing aromatherapy of peppermint oil. We recommend using 2-3 times a week.  SRP $24 for a 6.5 oz tube

    My Thoughts

    The Pre-Treatment is a great way to exfoliate your skin. As soon as you touch it you can feel the tiny granules that work to get deep into your pores. Dry skin gets magically erased and your skin is nice and soft when you're finished. In addition to providing excellent results, it also smells amazing. The peppermint is just what you need to perk you up in the morning and green tea is always refreshing.

     2. CLEANSE: Belli Anti-Blemish Facial Wash leaves skin clear and refined, without over-drying. This pure facial wash features lactic acid to cleanse and gently exfoliate acne prone skin. It contains lemon peel oil, a natural anti-bacterial and skin brightener, as well as green tea extract and cucumber, both are rich in antioxidants.  Gentle enough to be used as a daily cleanser; it may also be left on the face for 5 minutes as an intensive facial mask.  SRP $22.00 for 6.7 oz. tube.

    My Thoughts

    The Anti-Blemish Facial Wash is clear and clean right out of the tube, letting you know there's nothing but good stuff in there. When you wash your face, it creates a nice lather that gives your skin a deep down clean. The combination of green tea and cucumber smells amazing, but it's also extremely gentle. My daughter is fourteen and has problems with break outs. This product worked better for her than many of the brands designed for teens. I saw a marked improvement in her skin after just a few days. While using both products may be an extra step in your daily routine, its definitely worth the effort if you want clear and beautiful skin.

    The Belli Skincare line was originally designed for pregnant woman, but even those who aren't in the family way can see the benefits of this all-natural line. They are also cruelty free which is always a big plus in my book. Be sure to check all the great all-natural products on the Belli Skin Care website and connect with them via their social media.  You can also find their full line on Amazon.
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    Book Spotlight & #Giveaway - Second Chance Bride

    After being jilted, practically at the altar, Genie Wainwright heads to Hawaii to escape the well-meant pity party her friends and family are bound to throw on her behalf. What she never expects is to find someone to help her mend her broken heart. Donnie Taylor, owner of the posh Sapphire Bay Resort, has no interest in marriage—until he meets an unforgettable guest at the hotel. What starts out as a kindhearted gesture brings Donnie something he never expects—love!
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    Amazon | B&N | iTunes (Preorder on Aug 15th)

    About the author:

    Author Sandra EdwardsNEW YORK TIMES & USA TODAY Bestselling Author Sandra Edwards writes award-winning romance in a variety of subgenres such as paranormal (mostly time travel and reincarnation), contemporary, and suspense. She lives in the U.S. (west coast) with her husband, two kids, four dogs and one very temperamental feline. Sandra's books often push the envelope and step outside the boundaries of conventional romance. For more info on Sandra's books, visit her website at Sign up for Sandra's NEW RELEASE ALERT at

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