Sunday, June 19, 2022

Family Camp Review


The hilarious family-comedy, Family Camp arrives on DVD , Digital and Video on Demand on June 28 from Lionsgate. The film follows two families competing for the coveted camp trophy while the dads try to keep their families and marriages together.  Directed and written by Brian Cates (TV’s The Glory of Christmas, Super Dads), Family Camp will be available for the suggested retail prices for DVD is $19.98, Digital $14.99 and Video On Demand for $5.99.
When Grace Ackerman signs her family up for a rustic summer Family Camp, a comedy of errors ensues as these polar-opposite families must share a yurt and compete for the camp’s coveted games trophy. It’s not until the two dads end up lost in the woods that their faith and family bonds are truly tested in this heartwarming family comedy.

My Thoughts

Family Camp is a fun family film about two very different families who go on a family religious retreat. Although they have nothing in common, they are forced to share a yurt. At first, they don't get along at all and competition gets heated. However, after spending so much time in close quarters, they learn they have more in common than they think. Joined together by their mutual faith, they eventually form a bond that will last long after the retreat comes to am end.

My family really enjoyed watching this fun family film together.  It's filled with humor, friendly competition, and teaches people that you can overcome their differences and kind common ground. If you want to grab a copy of the DVD for yourself, you can find it on Amazon or in stores nationwide.