Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Splash and Bubbles: Pole to Pole

This October, PBS Distribution will release the movie special “Splash and Bubbles: Pole to Pole” on DVD. Splash, a yellow fusilier fish, and Bubbles, a mandarin dragonet, and their friends learn all about the many different ways life thrives under the sea. In Pole to Pole, the team explores sea life from the Antarctic to the Arctic! Every purchase supports public television for all. Families can also find full episodes of PBS KIDS series for free on PBS Stations, the PBS KIDS 24/7 Channel and PBS KIDS digital platforms including pbskids.org and the PBS KIDS Video app. 

The Reeftown Rangers want to learn all about migration so they set off on a migratory adventure of their own. The Rangers travel from the Antarctic to the Arctic to experience what it’s like to migrate. Along their travels they encounter narwhals, penguins, and humpbacks. By the end of their journey, they cross paths with Melody, a Fin whale, just in time to see her at the krill bloom and learn all about the food chain from the tiny krill to the huge humpback whale. Before heading back to Reeftown, a humpback whale serenades the friends with its beautiful music. 

My Thoughts

Splash and Bubbles is an adorable new series that brings kids on a magical adventure under the sea.The show centers around four friends named Splash, Bubbles, Ripple, and Dunk. They explore the reef together and make a lot of new friends along the way. This DVD set includes six exciting stories:

Migration Vacation
The Whistling Whale
The Big Krill

This is a great series. The characters are fun, and the ocean scenery is colorful. In addition to getting a fun and entertaining story on every episode, kids will also learn about life on the reef, and learn some valuable lessons about friendship. We just love this show and are excited to see what they come up with next.