Tuesday, September 7, 2010

New Age Mama Hosts a Hexbug Party

I'm sure you've all seen the commercials. They are sure to be a big hit for the 2010 holiday season. Kids of all ages are scampering to get them almost as quickly as they scamper away once you turn them on. What are they? They are Hexbug Nanos--tiny little robotic bugs that buzz and twist around just like real bugs. My family was lucky enough to get chosen to host a Hex Bug party and let me tell you, it was loads of fun!

We received a huge box of 30 Hexbugs as well as a few packages of tracks and bridges for them to play on. It drove my kids insane seeing that box sitting in the kitchen for a week. I wouldn't let them open it until the party. When the day finally arrived, they were so excited they were bouncing off the walls. I thought setting up the tracks would be complicated, so I started early in the morning. But it turned out to take only a few minutes to get all it together. Each piece snaps together easily with little to no effort. The kids are able to mix and match pieces with no problems. There are hundreds of combinations, making for endless variety.  When we had it all set up, it took up most of my living room floor. This was our final result.

We invited eight kids over for our party. Including my two, that made a total of ten kids, not including the baby. You'd think things would have been hectic. But never in my life have I seen a group of kids so mesmerized by a toy. Even the baby was staring at them.  They loved the feel of them buzzing around in their hand, but once they had them on the tracks, nothing could get their attention. Not even the Tasty Worms in Mud snack tray we had made to celebrate the occasion. But pictures speak louder than words. Check out this video to see how much fun the kids were having:

The kid had so much fun watching the bugs run up and down the ramps. Even when they get stuck on their backs they keep moving, and the tracks have lots of little extras like stop and go signs, and doors that slide open and closed so you can trap your bugs in one section or let them wander free. Its exciting to watch them battle it out when two wind up in the same section or having them race to the finish line. All in all, we had a exciting day. All the kids were able to take home three bugs  and we even had enough race track pieces that each family was able to take home a section.

If you are interested in getting some Hexbugs for your kids, they are available at leading retailers like Toys R Us and Circuit City. You can also purchase them online on their website. They are currently on sale for only $7.99 a piece. Regular price is $9.99. They come in dozens of colors and styles. Your children will have fun collecting them all.  To keep up with the latest news and promotions, be sure to become their fan on face book. Stay ahead of the holiday crowds and get your kids buzzing with Hexbugs today!

***Please note that I received no form of monetary compensation for this post. I did receive a sample of the product to try in order to write a fair and honest review. The opinions expressed in this review are my own and were not influenced in any way. ***


Hollowsins said...

I am doing mine Saturday.The kids love the track (we tried it out on Labor Day)All the men had a blast trying to make it complicated!Glad you had a fun party!