Friday, December 2, 2022

Holiday Gift Guide VIDL Water Bottles

Engraved with messages of inspiration, VIDL provides a unique alternative to a common object Portion of proceeds go to support Thirsty Child, a non-profit dedicated to eliminating the global water crisis

Created by a pastor, a business leader, and an inventor, VIDL’s aim is to take an everyday object and elevate it with a social mission as a way to remind the people in your life that they’re vital.  Thoughtfully designed, with an emphasis on personalization, the VIDL water bottle raises up an everyday product by adding an underlying faith-based message of your choice to a top-of-the-line product for daily use. 

VIDL’s key design elements include:

-       Easy-to-clean lid, bottle, and storage base to contain any additive -  from protein powder to snacks to dog treats to the spirit of your choice

-       Four different bottle colors and 14 interchangeable storage base colors equaling 56 possible color combinations

-       A wide-mouth, twist-off lid with an easy-to-grip ergonomic handle

-       Unique personalization via your choice of engraved inspirational messages and biblical verses

“Sure, the world might not need another water bottle, but the world certainly needs some positivity and to celebrate others who are vital—vital to you, to society, and to the world,” says VIDL CEO Rick Fessler.  “VIDL was created with this in mind while ensuring we maintained a best-in-class product that stands up if not excels in the category.”

VIDL bottles can be purchased at With the partnership with Thirsty Child, for every 50 bottles sold VIDL raises enough money to supply a family in Honduras with a clean drinking water system.    



Anonymous said...

Love the meaning behind this gift! Reminding someone how important they are in good times and bad can be so powerful!! I was gifted one of these and carry it everywhere with me. I treasure it because of what it means. I now am gifting these to loved ones too because I know how special it made me feel receving it! Bonus is that I'm also helping others in need! Thank you for sharing!!