Sunday, August 7, 2022

Coming of Age in 2020

Coming of Age in 2020Teenagers on the Year that Changed Everything (Norton/Oct 11) is a time capsule of art and artifacts created by Gen Z. Teenagers from across the country show how they coped with a world on fire, as a pandemic raged, political divides hardened, and the Black Lives Matter movement galvanized millions. 

The book features diary entries, comics, photos, poems, paintings, charts, lists, Lego sculptures, songs, recipes, and rants, they tell the story of the year that will define their generation. Chosen and edited by Katherine Schulten, editor-in-chief of the New York Times Learning Network, the pieces in this collection provide an arresting documentation of how ordinary teenagers experienced extraordinary events. 


 My Thoughts

As the mother of several artistic teens who came of age during the turbulence of 2020, I was really excited to read this book. The pandemic was hard on everyone, but was especially difficult for young adults who missed out of some of life's special moments. One of my children missed his senior prom and his high school graduation, but ever adaptable,  kids around the world used their circumstances to create art. That is what Coming of Age in 2020 is all about.

Coming of Age in 2020 is beautiful collection of artwork and stories created by teenagers through the pandemic. Through music, writing, videos, and art, kids express their feelings about the turmoil the world endured in 2020. Not only did they deal with the virus, they endured political and racial divides, but instead of letting the worst of humanity break them, they fought back in the best possible way; through expression. This book is a masterful collection of inspirational works that will touch anyone's heart. I enjoyed reading it with my children and would recommend it to any parents of teens.