Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Customizable Cooling Capes to keep kids cool in the summer

Designed by a mom and daughter duo for their family, Cooling Capes provide sun and heat protection, keeping their family cool and blocking the sun’s harmful rays, without chemicals and without impeding on summer fun.  Simply soak the cape, wring out, snap a few times and throw on for cool relief.  When on-the-go, you can soak the cape, place in reusable pouch provided, toss in backpack and use when needed.  The Cooling Cape stays chilled on your body for up to 3-4 hours and helps reduce body temperature. See 
Staying Cool in the SunOur innovative line of Cooling Capes are designed to keep you comfortable, cool, andprotected from the sun on a hot day. Made from a soft cooling towel material, they can be customized with assorted color combinations, sayings and sizes for a unique way to keep you and your whole family cool and protected from the sun. Just soak the cape in water and feel the cooling effects wherever – while running around outdoors, building beach sand castles, kickin’ it on the sidelines, or relaxing in the sun!With UV 50 Sun Protection, a hood for head and neck sun protection, and soft cooling mesh material—Cooling Capes are Nerlyn’s kids favorite thing to keep them cool outside! Every Cooling Cape comes with a soaking/storing pouch for cooling and protection on the go! 

My Thoughts

 If you have used those neck towels that you wet and put around your neck when it is hot, this is the same idea. I live in Virginia, and it can get HOT here. These capes are perfect for when you are going to a zoo or amusement park. All you have to do is wet it in the sink before you leave. Put it in the pouch, and go. If it gets hot you take it out, ring it out a little and let your child wear it. If it gets dry or not cooling enough anymore, you rewet it. It can be machine washed, and reused over and over. We went to Disney World for a particularly hot week. This may have saved us. My kid likes it too because he feels like a superhero.
There are plenty of ways to customize them. In my son's size they had six colors to choose from, and six thread colors to choose from, 20 different sayings that can be embroidered on it. You can also have it plain, and you have to decide if you want a hood or not. You do not have to wet them before you leave the house, any bathroom sink or water fountain can get the trick done as well. These are a NECESSITY when you are going anywhere outdoors in the heat. A fair, concert, amusement park, zoo, festival, beach, etc. They are almost a safety precaution as well. The heat when we were in Disney was dangerous. We had to make sure we stayed hydrated and had our cooling towels. It can get scary.

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