Monday, October 8, 2018

Kwilt Shoebox Plus Review

Memory Full! Don’t you hate that message? It pops up more frequently now with us using our smart phones for everything, especially pictures. It is rare to see someone using a camera! Our phones have become the latest and most convenient cameras. Do you constantly take photos on your phone? Do you worry about backing them up or would like to share them? Look at the Kwilt Shoebox Plus.

What is the Kwilt Shoebox Plus – it is a small storage unit that allows you to transfer and backup your phone or tablet photos. It allows safe storage anytime and anywhere if there is internet access. The photos can be accessed from a distance too.

The box includes:
Kwilt Shoebox Plus
64GB Flash Drive
Quick Start Guide
Micro USB Power Cord
Ethernet Cable

The unit is small with 4 USB access ports. Purchasing your own flash drives allows for added storage space. It comes with a 64GB flash drive for getting started.

Using the Kwilt Shoebox Plus requires the Kwilt App which is available for Apple and Android devices. Once the app is installed the setup is simple. I followed the quick start guide for setup.
It was not without issues at first. My phone kept giving me an error message stating no device to send photos to. I had installed and reinstalled the app several times and still had the same error. This was frustrating! I kept reading and re-reading the quick start guide for each step. Something was not connecting with this method. Determined to get started, I did NOT follow the quick start guide but instead followed the prompts on the app. Great result! The connection was successful, and I was transferring photos in no time.

The photos transfer wirelessly, quickly, and from anywhere. Photos and videos can be stored in a flash! Keep your memories safe on the unit. You can also access the Kwilt Shoebox Plus whenever you would like to share stored photos. The best part – No monthly fees! It is economical and convenient. 

The Kwilt Shoebox Plus is ideal for frequent picture takers. My nephew recently went off to college and is taking photos all the time. This unit is a great idea for students to save photos. They can have it in the dorm or leave it home. Keeping their school moments, friend events and more, is quick and simple to use. 

The Kwilt Shoebox Plus needs to be powered on at all times, for anywhere access. It connects to the wifi or the modem with the ethernet cable. For those accessing it often, keeping it connected is a must! I personally would only occasionally use it, so I power it up when I want access.
I like the organization the app does for the photos. It is easy to find the picture I am looking for. The app is easy to understand. 

I am impressed with the Kwilt Shoebox Plus.
For saving and accessing photos, this is a very handy gadget! 

Shop online for Kwilt Shoebox Plus or their other model the Kwilt Shoebox Mini.

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