Thursday, June 14, 2018

The Lodgers

In this gothic supernatural thriller, a family curse confines orphaned twins Rachel (Charlotte Vega) and Edward (Bill Milner) to their home as punishment for their ancestors’ sins. Bound to the rules of a haunting childhood lullaby, the twins must never let any outsiders inside the house, must be in their rooms by the chime of midnight, and must never be separated from one another. Breaking any of these three rules will incur the wrath of a sinister presence that inhabits the house after midnight. While Edward is committed to this ill-fated life, he’s becoming more unhinged due to the fact that Rachel is not. Smitten by a local soldier (Eugene Simon), Rachel grows skeptical and begins to rebel, desperate to escape the oppression and misery of their captivity.

My Thoughts

I love dark and twisted films, and this definitely fits the bill. Rachel and Edward are orphaned twins that live alone in a deserted mansion. Their parents died under mysterious circumstance, just like their parents before them. Edward never leaves the estate and Rachel can only go out during the day. The family curse requires them to stay in after dark.  When Rachel meets a soldier, she falls hard. She has hopes of escaping her confinement, but she knows the curse is more than just her imagination, especially when their first visitor in years turns up dead. Can Rachel escape the curse and the endless cycle of violence her family has been trapped in for generations? 

This was a great movie. Though not horribly gruesome, it has a creepy, Gothic flare that will have you biting your nails until the credits roll. The secret behind the twin's confinement is pretty dark and disturbing. I really enjoyed this film and all of it's elements, even though I had to sleep with the lights on when it was over. Grab a copy for yourself in stores nationwide.