Friday, May 4, 2018

Fobbles – Fog Filled Bubbles for Cool Party Fun!

Bubbles have always been a fun experience in my family. As far back as I remember, there has always been bubbles at family gatherings, parties and picnics. I love the bubble machines that make it easy to have a wall of bubble action – no big breaths needed! 

Froggy’s Fog is bringing a new innovative bubble to the party scene. Introducing Fobbles, a fog filled bubble! I had the chance to play with Fobbles and they are the coolest looking bubbles ever!

Coming soon to the Froggy’s Fog machine lineup is the Froggy’s Fog Fobbles F2 machine. Check out the newest version listed HERE! This portable unit is an ideal size for a home party. It is very simple to set up. It takes two solutions, one for the fog and one for the bubbles. The technology also allows for a connected timer or a remoter control for the best fogging machine action. It takes a bit of warm up time for the machine to start producing the fog. Once we had the solutions in place, a press of the manual button and the fog generates. It creates a lot of fog! This will fill a room for a Halloween party. Simply turning on the bubble switch activates the fog filled bubbles! The bubbles start flying out filled with the fog! They are the coolest looking bubbles! It makes a lot of them! We had fog bubbles floating all over our backyard, which my dogs loved to chase. The bubbles lasted a long time and floated a good distance. They also look amazing when they pop. A puff of smoke is released. We used the machine outdoors but I imagine it would look fantastic in a dark room with a little lighting. The Froggy’s Fog Fobbles F2 machine is versatile as it will create only fog, fog bubbles, haze and plain bubbles. The solutions are non toxic for safety. This is a fun packed addition to any party. 

I am excited about my nephews upcoming Graduation party. The Fobbles will be in action. Consider the fun at Halloween parties! The fun ideas are endless. 

Keep watch on the Froggy’sFog website for the release of the Froggy’s Fog Fobbles F2 machine. 

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