Saturday, November 4, 2017

Holiday Gift Guide - Review: Crazy Curly Beef Chew by Bravo!

Bravo offers a variety of all-natural chews so parents can provide their pets with a safe, healthy, grain free treat. A “good chew” helps keep your pet’s teeth clean, helps promote gum strength and reduce stress. For your complete peace of mind, these dry-roasted chews are USA sourced and made.

Why feed a raw food diet?
More and more animal health and training professionals are advocating a second look at what we feed our dogs and cats, and caring pet parents are taking notice. 

There is emerging evidence that dogs and cats are healthier when fed a raw, natural diet, because that’s what their ancestors craved and thrived on. Dogs and cats are essentially carnivores. In the wild, their perfect meal would consist of fresh, raw meat, some uncooked bones, some raw organ meats and green vegetation.

There is also a growing belief that commercial pet foods cannot supply all the nutrients dogs and cats need to thrive. Pet parents tell us that switching their dog or cat with a health issue to a raw diet has helped improve their conditions. Those with healthy pets feel that feeding raw food has helped them avoid some of the illnesses that are becoming common in our companion animals.

Regardless of the starting point for your pet, a high quality raw diet can help promote a long and healthy life. For the full story, you’re invited to read Beginnings, an informative booklet available exclusively from Bravo. To download a free copy, click here.

Bravo is a family-owned business located in Manchester, Connecticut. Our parent company has been providing high quality meats to fine dining establishments throughout New England since 1942. Leveraging our expertise, we pioneered the raw pet food category by introducing our Bravo Blends line in 2002. So you might say our focus on super-premium nutrition runs in the family.

Today, Bravo offers over 125 different products for dogs and cats. All are made from the finest, most nutritious ingredients such as antibiotic-free poultry, responsibly harvested fish and select cuts of meat. And you can rest assured that our multi-step process meets strict food safety guidelines while keeping our food as close to natural as possible.

As our pet parent fan club continues to grow, our commitment to quality and purity will remain the simple idea at the heart of every Bravo product. Because we firmly believe in giving pets the best so they can be at their best. That’s what our make good happen™ slogan is all about.

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Our Thoughts
We've been raw feeding our dogs for about 7 years now and I'm always on the lookout for good, natural chews and treats. Our dog, Bella, is a chewer.  I'm always happy to give her beef tracheas, bully sticks, cow ears, etc.

A beef bully stick is, quite simply, a beef pizzle (aka the dried penis of a bull). It's a fantastic chew treat for any dog.  Bravo's curly chews are approximately 5 - 7" long and are nice and fresh; a good quality chew.  Sometimes these types of chews have their own scent (which can be mild to overwhelming!) but Bravo's chews have been scent-free in my experience.

As soon as I opened the package, Bella was RIGHT THERE. She knew what that package contained!
Please mom . . . 
I did make her work for her treat by running her thru a bunch of commands, including "sit" and "wait".  And yes, there was some drool involved. LOL. 

Bella is more comfortable in the safety of her kennel with a prized chew treat, where it only took her about 10-15 minutes to completely demolish and devour her curly bully stick. When she was a small puppy (rather than a 70lb dog!) bully sticks of this size could keep her occupied for a good long time.  Generally speaking, the bigger the dog, the faster they chow this thing down. I do notice Bella has a bigger need to chew when she's feeling anxious about something. Squirrels get her all riled up, so giving her some quiet time with a bully stick is a nice break from her chasing from window to window.

As a raw feeder, I appreciate all of the information on Bravo's website regarding raw feeding, and especially the max percentages listed for the treats & chews.  Raw feeding relies on getting your pet the correct percentages of a variety of raw foods so your pet gets the correct nutrition they need.  Thanks, Bravo!