Monday, May 22, 2017

Rejuvenate Your Stone Surfaces in Three Easy Steps With Granite Gold

Over time, your granite can lose it's shine. Its not surprising.  Life happens, and your stone surfaces can really take a beating. Everyday cleaners may actually do more harm than good. Luckily, Granite Gold in here to help. They have a full line of products that will restore the luster to granite counter tops and showers.These products are designed specifically for granite, marble, and natural stone and will help return these surfaces back to their original grander

Creating your stone counters was quite an interesting process. First, the stone was quarried from the earth’s surface. These stone blocks can weigh as much as 40,000 tons. They are taken to a factory for processing, where a giant gang saw using diamond blades slices the blocks into a calibrated thickness. Next, they're sent over to a polishing line. They pass under diamond polishing heads that apply thousands of pounds of pressure per square inch. Here, finer and finer grits bring out the natural polish of the stone and slabs. They are then bundled and shipped to  local stone manufacturers and installers to be further cut to meet the homeowner’s needs. Its this factory finish that enhances their inherent characteristics. like veins, swirls, and crystals, prior to installations.

As you can see, it takes a lot of time and effort to create the perfect stone surfaces. It also costs a pretty penny to have one installed in your home. The bright side is, with the right care, you counter-tops can last for decades. All it takes is the right products and three quick and easy steps.

The first step is to keep your stone services clean. This is always important, especially in the kitchen where you are preparing food. However, with stone surfaces, you have to be especially careful. The Granite Gold Daily Cleaner is a streak free formula that kills bacteria, but won't damage surfaces like other cleaning products. It even has a fresh citrus scent.

The second step in the process is using a sealer on your stone surfaces. The Granite Gold Sealer comes in a simple spray bottle. Just spritz and wipe away to maintain a barrier on natural stone. This sealant will protect against stains, etching, and soil build up.

The final step, and possibly the most important, is polishing. Granite Gold offers a polish that will restore the luster and shine to any counter-top.  When you use the polish after cleaning, it brings out the stone's natural attributes. It also provides ongoing protection against water spots and fingerprints It works wonders on quartz surfaces such as Silestone, Corian and Cambria.

If you're kitchen or bathroom is looking dull, Granite Gold® may be just what you need to bring some life back into your granite, stone, or marble surfaces. These fantastic products are available nationwide at Walmart, Lowe’s, Home Depot, Bed Bath & Beyond, and To find a retailer near you, be sure to check out their convenient store locatorGranite Gold is a third generation, family-owned company with a long history of bringing out the best in stone. Invite them into your home today, and polish things to perfection.