Monday, June 20, 2016

Sign Up with with Dealspotr to Earn Amazon Gift Cards & $50 Amazon GC #Giveaway

As their name implies, Dealspotr knows how to spot a good deal.   Whether you're shopping on amazon or heading to the physical mall, you can find discount codes and printable coupons on this website to help you save a fortune. What's the catch? Nothing! It's all completely free.   People just like you scour the internet and share all the best deals they can find. You simply need to sign up and take a look around.  You can search the website for your favorite store or just peruse the top trending deals to see what hot coupons are available.

In addition to offering some great deals, DealSpotr also has some awesome perks for anyone who actively shares the deals they come across.  When you sign up at DealSpotr, you start earning Karma.  These are points you earn by performing certain tasks.  The points  can be traded in for Amazon gift cards! You earn Karma points every time you share a deal or  engage with other users. You even earn bonus points if one of your deals gets hot or if  a deal you up-voted gets hot.

I have been a member of Dealspotr since November. For me, it pays off big, and it just keeps getting better and better. I've earned over $1000, just by taking a few minutes here and there to post deals that come into my inbox.  And look at that! I've saved shoppers over $32,000 with the deals I've posted!  Now, I know the average person isn't online as much as I am. My job as a blogger requires me be online and checking my emails constantly throughout the day. Plus, I go to college online, so I spent ALOT of time in front of my computer screen. Others may get frustrated if they go online to post deals, and most of them are taken already. Luckily, there are lots of ways to earn Karma at Dealspotr. I want to share with you a few tips to help you get the most out of Dealspotr.

Spot Deals

In the corner of each deal you'll see a litter arrow. You use this to "spot" deals. If a deal gets enough spots, it become "hot" or "on fire".  When this happens, both the person who added he deal and the spotter earn points! If you are the first to spot a deal that goes hot, you actually earn more points that the person you posted it! This is an awesome way to build up your Karma.  You start out with only a few spots per day, but if you the deals you select go hot, you'll start earning extra spots each day.  I am up to 48 spots. Each one has the potential of earning up to 500 Karma points. So, you see, even if you never post a deal, you can still earn points. My advice is to really consider which deals you are going to spot. Don't just click on the first deal you see. Also, review the current hot deals of the day to see what types of deals are currently trending to increase your chances of spotting a hot deal. Also be sure to follow some of the users on the Leaderboard. They are there for a reason, and you'll increase your chances of spotting hot deals if you follow them.

Comment on Deals

Every time you leave a comment on a deal, you can earn points. The comment can be as simple as a thank you. More detailed comments earn additional karma. Just be sure that your comments pertain to the deal and that each comment is unique. Duplicate comments or comments with a lot of misspellings  can be flagged as spam. 

Interests & Your Feed

The Feed is a new feature on Dealspotr, and I am really loving it. Users can select topics that interest them (such as fashion or pet supplies for example), stores that they shop at regularly (Like Walmart of Target), or even specific posters that they know find the best deals. Dealspotr uses this information to create a custom feed, similar to your face book feed, but filled with deals customized to your taste. 
What I love about this feature is that deals aren't getting buried anymore. Previously, if I posted a great deal a 1am, barely anyone would see it and it reduced my chances of it getting "hot".  Now, it doesn't matter when you post because sought  after deals will come up in the feed.  As a "spotter" this feature is also beneficial. Deals I spotted days ago are going hot long after I checked them off, and I'm earning tons of points for spotting hot deals. When adding deals, you should also make sure to add interests that apply to that deal. You can select up to three. Try to pick interests that have the most followers, but also make sure they actually pertain to that deal. For example, if I were to post a deal for GAP, I would select Fashion, Women's Fashion and Men's Fashion, assuming they all apply. All three of these interests are popular, and will help my deal get seen by more people, increasing the likelihood of it getting hot. 

Complete your Checklist

Everyday, Dealspotr provides you with a checklist with three tasks to complete. These tasks are always simple and the whole thing should take maybe ten minutes tops. It consists of things like following new users, posting one site-wide deal, or following a few new stores. If you complete your checklist, you earn 200 bonus karma. Make it your goal to do at least this much each day, and you'll be raking in the amazon gift cards in no time at all. 

Refer Friends

Every time you refer a friend to Dealspotr, you will earn some bonus karma. If they are active users, it's even more beneficial because you receive 20% of the Karma they earn based on their daily activity.  You could start earning points without doing any work at all!

Flag Bad Deals

You can  earn up to 50 points for flagging a bad deal on Dealspotr. If you click on the Flag located above each deal, it comes up with a drop down menu. You can select things like duplicate deal, deal is expired, or a variety of other options. Make sure you are certain the deal is not valid before doing this. Flagged deals are checked by a staff member before they are removed, and if you flag too many deals incorrectly, you may lose this privilege.  On the flip side of this, be sure to proofread your own deals carefully and make sure they work before you share them,  Also, if you are posting a deal that does not have a coupon code, take two seconds to check the listing for that store to be sure it's not a duplicate. The system will automatically tell you if a coupon codes is already there when you enter them.

Look Around

If you pay attention, you'll find deals all over the place. Get something out of those annoying ads that pop up in your face book feed or on the sidebar when you're checking your emails. Enter them into Dealspotr and earn points! You may also get coupon codes that come in circulars in the mail or in the newsletters you always delete from your inbox without reading. Enter them while you watch television or in-between paying bills. Multi-tasking can pay off!

Sign up for Dealspotr today using this link, and you get can 5000 Karma points automatically. That is the equivalent of $5 in Amazon gift cards. You can cash out at $10, so you are already halfway there! 

The Giveaway

Dealspotr is going to give one luck winner a $50 Amazon gift card! To enter, you MUST sign up for Dealspotr. If you sign up using your email address, you most also VERIFY your account in order to be eligible to win. This will be verified before the prize is awarded.  To enter, just fill in the Giveaway Tools form below. This giveaway will 7/10/16 and is open to the US only. The winner will be notified via email and will have 48 hours to reply. Thanks again to Dealspotr for offering this fantastic prize. 


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