Sunday, February 21, 2016

Create comfortable, stylish fashion from the inside out with hassle-free Halftees

Create comfortable, stylish fashion from the inside out with hassle-free Halftees

Fashionistas can stop readjusting their outfits all day or feel the heat and bulk of their stylish layers thanks to the innovative Halftee. Ladies who love the layered look but hate the burden those layers can create, now have a better, cooler option with Halftees.  

It’s a comfortable undertee designed specifically to show off the neckline and sleeves of a layered style without getting all bundled up in the fabric. Spruce up a wardrobe with the smart, sleek design of the Halfee, which gives the extra coverage of an undertee without the extra material. The modest neckline provides fuller coverage, while the chic shape helps eliminate excess heat and tiresome tugging and pulling. The Halftee has it covered for women of all ages and shapes, and will quickly become a wardrobe staple. 

The Halftee is unique because it ends just under the bust line, so fashionistas don’t have all the extra material around their waists. Each Halftee is rose-petal soft, breathable and extremely comfortable and it undertee stays put because of the signature band. It’s the perfect base for those creative, unique layering styles whether it’s a rugged, sporty, bohemian or no-nonsense look. It’s also great to during or post-pregnancy for creating a savvy, yet hassle-free style. 

Choose from a wide range of sleeve lengths, materials and stunning colors to fit the right outfit, mood and layering needs. The high quality Halftee can be purchased online at and prices range from $18.99 to $34.99.

Every woman deserves to be comfortable in what she wears. That’s why the Halftee was founded by Amanda Barker close to six years ago, when she found during post pregnancy that there was no option of comfortable, hassle-free under tops and dresses for full-length layering pieces. Today, customers can get the unrivaled quality of the Halftee to wear underneath their tops, tunics, dresses and more.

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My Thoughts

This product appealed to me right away. I like to layer my clothes. I always put a shirt on under my V-necks or when wearing a dress for added comfort. I also like a shirt on under a loser top to help me feel more comfortable. A lot of times my undershirts are tighter and I spend a lot of the day tugging them down and adjusting. And when wearing a sundress in public, it's really annoying.

I have to admit, this was very soft. It's markets as being rose peddle soft and it lives up to that. It did take some getting used to. You can still tell the shirt is there and I personally could feel it just under my breasts and tugged a little on it out of habit. Mainly because it was different, not uncomfortable. Once I got used to it, it was really nice not having to tug my undershirt all day. Or worry that someone might see it bunched up under my clothes and mistake it for a muffin top.

When on their website, I found the selection to be really good from all the mix of colors as well as styles. Long sleeves, short sleeves, tank style. There is something for every type of outfit. If you wants something lacie, they have it. This is a really great line and product.