Friday, February 13, 2015

A Solution for Tangled Earbuds from Cordskinz

Tangled earbuds has been a problem for many, if not all earbud-users with no easy solution. Other products aiming to liberate earbuds from their tangled existence require folding, organizing, or tying earbuds in certain way…too much work! 

Cordskinz was designed  to resolve this issue. Cordskinz provides three main values 1) Easy Anti-Tangle, 2) Cord-Protection, and 3) Ability to style earbuds.

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My thoughts:

These are great!  And a big money saver.  I used to go through at least three to four pair of earbuds a year, due to tangling. And when tangled they would short out. When I go for my jogs, my earbud cord stays put and does not move around and tangle.  

These Cordskinz come in a sturdy envelope, with the very easy to follow instructions printed on it.  Along with the instruction is a picture showing how to place your earbud cords in the Cordskinz. These come in many colors like:  Smokey clear, White, black, Sky blue, Clear, Red, Glitter Pink, Ice blue, Lavender, Lime green and Neon yellow. So there is definitely a color for everyone's liking.

These are a great gift for anyone who likes to listen to their music while exercising, laying in the sun or in a hammock on a cool night.