Thursday, November 20, 2014

Holiday Gift Guide - Moonlight Mushroom

Nighttime can be a scary time for kids of all ages, even for some adults! You have many options for the boring old night lights but Moonlight Mushroom by Uncle Milton's Toys is something different that everyone can enjoy! Fun colors and shapes displaying on the wall!

Create a magical light show in your room! See beautiful, multicolored lights inside the mushroom and project butterflies and flowers on your wall.

Watching this beautiful display can help mesmerize your child into a peaceful sleep with images of butterflies and flowers dancing in their heads. This is a great and fun way to keep your kids happy, safe and filled with good thoughts while they sleep!

Our Thoughts

My little girls hate the dark, absolutely hate it, but what kid doesn't? Since they can't stand it there is always a lamp on or the tv going so they can see in the middle of the night. This highly annoys me but the Moonlight Mushroom is an awesome compromise. It is bright enough that they can see if they wake up in the middle of the night but it's also not too bright to where I feel like I am blinded.

The setup of the Moonlight Mushroom can be a bit tricky, you have to find the right spot in the room to place it so that it properly displays the images on the wall and/or ceiling. If not placed correctly or too far away from the wall it can distort the images which defeats the whole purpose. I have a gambrel roof and our walls and ceilings are white so it was an easy setup for me and the images look great in the bedroom. It's run off of batteries so it allows for perfect placement without having to worry about being near a plugin and the batteries keep it going for a long time, depending on the brand of batteries you buy.

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Reviewed by Jackie