Friday, July 11, 2014

Enhance Your Yoga Routine with Yoga Bliss

 Soulful Essence was born out of the desire to find truly “all natural” lifestyle products.  The
founder, Jessica Brantley, suffers from asthma and allergies and struggled to find products on the market that did not irritate her symptoms.  Drawing inspiration from her grandmother, she decided to make her own truly chemical free, aromatherapy products, each practically designed to address everyday needs. 

Yoga Bliss spray is made solely from 100% botanical extracts.

Ranging in price from $19 - $35, our Yoga Bliss spray is not only affordable, but it also provides functional and holistic benefits with every use.  Our mat spray has been designed to enhance your yoga practice by:
·       Disinfecting and deodorizing your mat using the power of pure lemongrass extracts
·       Providing uplifting and energizing aromatherapy benefits to support you in your practice
·       Aids to slow and deepen breathing to keep you present during your practice
·       Is safe for use on all yoga mats

Soulful Essence products are available for sale at

My Thoughts 

Yoga Bliss brings together two of my all favorite things--yoga and aromatherapy. Inside each bottle of Yoga Bliss is a multifunctional spray that not only has disinfecting qualities, but also helps create a peaceful, relaxed environment for your exercise routine.  

Yoga Bliss Spray is easy to use. Just shake it up a spritz a little onto your yoga mat. Using natural ingredients like lemongrass oil, the spray is able to safely disinfect and deodorize your mat. In addition, the spray also offers aromatherapy benefits.  When you begin your routine, the aromatic scent still lingers. Breathing in this light scent will help you relax and keep you energized and motivated throughout your workout.

I love the fresh and invigorating scent of the Yoga Bliss. It's just the right combination of essential oils to create a pleasant atmosphere for a Yoga workout. It's not perfumey or overbearing. Just a subtle touch of fragrance that gives you a burst of energy.  If you would like to learn more about this product or any of the amazing oils available from Soulful Essence, you should check out their website. Also be sure to follow their social media.