Monday, March 3, 2014

Boba: Review and Giveaway

Who wants to carry their baby all the time? You'll spoil your kid. You'll have a bad back, carrying your child will only hurt your shoulders. Do these sayings sound familiar? If so, has it stopped you from doing research to find that there are great baby carriers out there, that WON'T hurt your back or shoulders? You may even find out that wearing your baby, in fact, will not spoil them, but will make them calmer and more independent later down the road.
If you think carriers are expensive, well, they are. But, you pay for quality. And as a mom who didn't have a quality carrier with my first, I would definitely pay for a more expensive carrier to have the quality and comfort that Boba offers. Pricing isn't as important when you look at the grand scheme of things. I can wear my daughter in this carrier even when she is a toddler. Newborn to toddler is enough of a reason for me to pay for a well made carrier.
How long can you wear a baby before you get uncomfortable? I suppose that would depend on the parent and child. My daughter is six months old and twenty pounds. I have worn her for several hours in the Boba and haven't had any issues. Sure, I get tired, but I have a twenty pound kid! Ultimately, you have to decide how long is too long to wear your baby.
The makers left nothing out! There are step-by-step instructions on how to put the carrier on and adjust. They included pamphlets on baby wearing and what it helps establish, as well as a safety guide. The carrier looks overwhelming at first. But once you read the instructions and watch the video's provided on Boba's website, it's easy as pie!

I love how simple it is to adjust! It really is as  easy as pulling on the straps. I honestly thought when I first was playing around with it that it couldn't possibly be that easy, I was wrong. Anyone, young or old, can figure this carrier out with minimal issue. It fits not only me, but my husband, and our eight year old son!
Let's talk extras and perks. You want a place for your cell phone? Done! What about a rain cover for baby? Got it. There really isn't anything they didn't think of. Busy moms everywhere will love all the features of this carrier. It even has a snap on the shoulders for your purse!
Carrying an older child is easy too. Their legs may get tired of hanging. No problem! The Boba carrier has foot straps! This comes in great to keep your little ones legs and hips aligned. Do they not like the front carry? No worries, you can back carry your older kiddo's no problem!
 Another great feature is the cushion for newborns that snaps in. It has two ways to wear it. You can fold it in half to snap or leave it open. There are so many features to the Boba, that I was really impressed with how user friendly everything is!
If I had to pick just one piece of baby gear that I couldn't live without, it would be my Boba 4G carrier! My daughter loves it, I love it, and it helps that everyone we see asks about it! A huge thank you to the people over at Boba for providing me with their product for review! I am in love with the ease and functionality that is provided every time I wear it.
 Reviewed by Steph

 The Givewaway:
Enter for your chance to win a Boba Baby Carrier, a Boba Wrap or a Boba Air! All products can be seen at With Boba products it is easier than ever to enjoy Freedom Together as a family and Boba wants YOU to get a chance to use their products. To enter to win, follow the Rafflecopter instructions. a Rafflecopter giveaway


Jeanette E. said...

I would love to win a Boba4G! I have the Stardust stretchy wrap and I'd love to graduate to a more structured carrier. My 3 m/o loves it!! Wearing my baby makes it easy to keep everyone happy, I have 3 boys, 3 and under!

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