Thursday, January 2, 2014

VitaFrute Organic Healthy Cocktails by VeeV

**Product was receive in exchange for an honest review**

 If one of your New Year's resolutions is looking for a better way to drink, I have a great solution - VitaFrute.  This ready to drink cocktail is the first organic super fruit cocktail in a bottle.  All of the flavors are made with VeeV - the original acai spirit and are available in 4 delicious offerings at 125 calories per serving,

VitaFrute also has a special consumer offer this New Year's (where legal).  VitaFrute will offer savings on any Fitness Class, Gym or Health Club Membership or Monthly Fees.  Consumers just need to purchase 2 bottles of VitaFrute and mail in the rebate form.

Our Thoughts
The husband and I like trying new cocktails and wines. We're sort of adventurous when it comes to that kind of thing. He's even now making our own wines... But those take time to mature. So while those are sitting and maturing, we're still cracking out new bottles of this and that to satisfy our curiosity. New Year's Eve seemed like the perfect time to crack out the VitaFrute.

We started by throwing the bottle of Cosmopolitan in the freezer while we were finishing up getting our dinner cooked, plated and served. Pulling it from the freezer we poured ourselves some in our special wine glasses that we tend to use. That first sip was delightful! It is not too sweet and but it's by no means dry. I would compare the sweetness to a moscato wine. Needless to say after that first sip, the rest of the glass and bottle went down pretty easily.

What I really liked was that drinking the VitaFrute was basically guilt free for us. The Cosmopolitan was only 125 calories per three ounces, it is completely natural, and there is no artificial ingredients!  You could taste the citrus and cranberry without it being overpowered by the alcohol taste. I can't wait to try the Margarita and Lemonade flavors!

If you're interested in tasting how delicious this is for yourself, you can visit their website to find out where you can locate it locally. You can also follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

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