Saturday, January 4, 2014

Review--Loom Magic Is Great fun for Winter Days

Rainbow Looms are the coolest craft on the market! This hot toy is sweeping both boys and girls ages five to fifteen away in a tide of shareable, wearable bracelets, necklaces, and other accessories made from rubber bands. John McCannand Becky Thomas have put together a wide variety of creative projects in this fun and original collection, including:

·         Cell phone Case
·         Watch band Octo bracelet
·         Sports fan keychain
·         Matching barrettes
·         Pencil topper
·         Snowman ornament
Our Thoughts:
Want a great way to keep kids busy and productive? Like crafts, but not the mess? Rainbow Looms make craft time fun! Their new book has twenty-five new rubber band crafts for kids! Kids love making things they can wear or give to other friends, this is a simple solution!
Just about any age can use this and make something to be proud of. My eight year old son, loves rubber bands, so this was a no brainer. My nieces 18, 13, and 7 all had fun looking through the book over the holidays and are anxious to try to make their own crafts! There are so many more crafts you can do simply by going to their website! 
Loads of fun and hours of creativity, Loom Magic is a sure fire way to spend those cold days inside! Even the kid in every adult will find these rubber band project fun!

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