Friday, October 11, 2013

Got Cold Feet? Heat Holders is the Solution

By Tara. *Item received for review. No financial reimbursement*

My husband has cold feet. No, no, he already made it down the aisle. I don't mean that kind of cold feet... I mean he has poor blood circulation or whatever and his feet are like ice. If he wants to make me scream, all he has to do is touch me with one of his ice-cold feet under the covers. Yikes!

I'm pleased to share this product with you. I honestly have no complaints about these Heat Holders. Both my husband and myself received a pair of socks.

A cool fact I must throw in here: Heat Holders® are non-binding. They are diabetic friendly and provide relief for cold feet due to circulation problems.

What they say: As far as is known and have ever been tested Heat Holders® socks are the warmest thermal socks in the world. They are over 7x warmer than regular cotton socks and 3x warmer than ordinary thermal socks. They are better than heated, electric or battery operated socks because you can just put them on without fussing with batteries, wires etc. Heat Holders® means No more cold feet!

What I say: Spot on, mate. When I first put these on my husband's feet, he said, "My feet are going to get too hot! They're going to sweat."

Two hours later, I asked him, "How do your feet feel?"

"GREAT!" And he's wearing them around the house like slippers now.

My thoughts:
-They are incredibly soft. I felt as though I was walking on cotton balls or even clouds as I trooped around on the hard floors of my home.
-Like him, I must agree my feet did NOT get too hot as I feared. Somehow these socks retain the perfect temperature.
-A bit thick to wear under shoes, so I probably should have gotten the slipper sock as that is what I'm using them as.

For more information, like Heat Holders on FB, follow them on twitter, or watch the following video.

Consider buying a pair of these for that person with cold feet this holiday, not that kind of cold feet!

*Item received for review. No financial reimbursement*