Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Peppa Pig: Around the World

Fans of Entertainment One’s (eOne) popular preschool show are in for a treat with a new Peppa DVD complete with a 15-minute special episode! In the extended “Around the World with Peppa” special, Peppa, her brother George, Mummy Pig and Daddy Pig set off to the park to celebrate the beginning of the summer holidays. But when their car breaks down, Miss Rabbit lends them her plane for the day and they get swept off on an adventure all around the world!

Preschoolers are in store for even more snorts of laughter with an hour of non-stop Peppa fun! The brand-new collection of 10 favorite “peppasodes” includes: “Around the World with Peppa,” “The Tree House,” “The Museum,” “Granddad Dog’s Garage,” “Mr. Potato Comes to Town,” “Chatterbox 6,” “Grandpa Pig’s Train to the Rescue,” “The Olden Days,” “Garden Games,” and “International Day.”

“Peppa Pig: Around the World” also features a Peppa Pig paper doll set for kids to take with them on their own exciting adventures! A limited-edition gift pack that includes a Peppa plush toy will be available exclusively at Walmart.

My Thoughts

Peppa Pig is such a great show. My children just love everything about them, from their cute British accents to the way they fall over and laugh at the end of each episode. One of their favorite things is when they jump in muddy puddles. This show is great because it's a realistic depiction of family life, just in animal form. The different species of animals represent the diversity of people and shows just how easy it can be for all of us to get along. This DVD set includes a special triple length feature and some of our favorite episodes. 

Feature - Around the World with Peppa
Bonus episodes:
1) The Tree House
2) The Museum
3) Granddad Dog's Garage
4) Mr.  Potato Comes to Town
5) Chatterbox
6) Grandpa Pig's Train to the Rescue
7) The Olden Days
8) Garden Games
9) International Day

Anyone who has seen the show will know this a great selection, especially for kids getting ready for spring. The titles pretty much speak for themselves in regards to what each one is about, but one of episodes is when Peppa and her family take an airplane all around the world to visit their friends who on holiday.  All these shows make for hours of fun. Anyone who is a fan of Peppa should have this DVD in their collection.


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