Saturday, September 10, 2016

Product Review: Mother Dirt

Bacteria is good.

That's the message of this product line that I had the chance to try out. While people take probiotics to restore the good bacteria in our guts that we're coming to understand is crucial to our immune system and overall health, Mother Dirt is using those principles for hair and skin care. 

The products use good bacteria, leaving out the harsh chemicals and other ingredients that are in most of the products out there. To learn more about the science, check this page from their website. You can also learn more about how it works here. I had the chance to try the shampoo, the cleanser, and the body mist. 

So, how were they? Honestly, I am not particularly loyal to any one shampoo. I prefer to mix up it a bit from time to time, but the shampoo definitely seemed to do the job. I thought my hair looked nice as well. It just doesn't lather like I'm used to with other products, so that was a bit of a surprise and I kept feeling like I should use more.

The body mist was nice, as well. My skin felt nice after using it, which helps cut down on the need for extra moisturizers or body sprays. 

The thing I was most impressed with was the cleanser. It definitely made a difference in the appearance and feel of my skin. My face felt clean, and appeared to look smoother. While I like all three, this is definitely the one I want to make a point of getting again. 

In addition to furnishing products for review, Mother Dirt is offering a special discount code to anyone who is interested in trying these products themselves. Using the code Myblog25-GF29 at checkout will give a 25% discount as well as free shipping.