Friday, September 23, 2016

#Notorious - Discover the Story Behind the Story

Did you catch the premiere of Notorious last night? If not, you missed out on something great. The series centers around two unique characters named Jake and Julia.  Julia is a top rated investigative news producer. Jack is a high powered lawyer. When they come together, they mix law and media in a sexy interplay of scandal, drama, and the twisty exploration of what it means to make the news.

Julia is a strong female character still reeling from a bad breakup with a judge. She worked hard to get where she is, but still has a down-to-earth attitude, Jack is a little more mysterious and there will most likely be secrets revealed about this past over the course of the first season

The pilot episode centered around the hit-and-run of a teenage boy by a well-known millionaire. Police later suspect he's covering for this wife,  but just when the police were closing in, she turned up dead.  I can't saw more without giving away spoilers, but this is a series that I won't be missing. I already have it programmed into my DVR. I enjoyed the show because it's giving us a look at crime from a different perspective.  There are dozens of crime dramas out there that give us a forensic view. This one gives us the perspective of the media and show us how they can twist a story to suit their needs as well as giving us a look at how the criminal attorneys think.

This is an exciting new series, made even more interesting because it was inspired by real people. If you missed the premiere, it's not too late to catch up. Be sure to catch next week's episode. Notorious airs every Thursday at 9|8c on ABC right after Grey's Anatomy