Friday, September 23, 2016

Review: Vero Brava Non Slip Headbands

Who wants headband headaches and headbands that slip?  Nobody! Vero Brava headbands are designed so they are both non-slip and really comfortable. Vero Brava headbands are also seamless and stretchy conforming to heads of all sizes, resulting in less bad hair days and greater comfort. Most likely you'll forget you're even wearing it.


Style the headband to suit your mood, hairstyle, or activity. Wear it wide or thin or anywhere in between. Rock it turban style, folded, boho chic or scrunched just to name a few options! One size fits all ages 2 to 102. Adjustable width from 5" to 1"


Vero Brava headbands all have a unique comfort system that channels moisture away from your head keeping you cool and dry during the most strenuous workout. All headbands are handmade from a super high-quality cotton, polyester spandex/lycra blend. Great for the gym or as a fashion accessory, each headband is meticulously hand-crafted for the perfect fit.


High quality and super soft stretchy material wicks the sweat away for all-day comfort. Keep it as a sports headband or rock a fashion headband look.


It's a Vero Brava mandate that we make you look great! With loads of ways to wear the Vero Brava 10-1 Headband, and a wide range of colors and prints, you're set to rock a gorgeous style that works for you. Wear it running, at yoga, during a workout, on your travels, for the latest fashion look or spruce up your favorite floppy hat by using it as a hat band - it's that versatile!


Wear it to cover your ears on cool or windy days, as a sweat headband on warmer days, or double it up on really chilly days (or lazy hair days!). This headband is super practical as well as gorgeous. Pro Tip... Dip it in ice water before your workout!

Vero Brava happily accepts all returns and exchanges within 30 days of purchase, no reason needed! Machine wash cold with like colors for best results! Do not iron or bleach.

Your purchase helps us donate more headbands to children suffering from cancer. Throughout the world, a child is diagnosed with cancer every 4 minutes and one in five will not survive. The Vero Brava family has been an adamant benefactor of the Samuel Waxman Cancer Research Foundation for many years and in addition to that support, we wanted to make a difference on an individual basis. It's amazing how something as simple as a headband can change a sick child's demeanor. Another scary day in the hospital is suddenly a lot brighter and frowns turn to smiles instantly.

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I don't generally wear headbands because they either slip, or give me a headache.   But sometimes, it's nice to just get the hair out of my face. Or like today, where I NEEDED to have my hair out of my face. 

You can't see the Vero Brava headband, but trust me, it's under there doing it's job keeping my hair out of the blast zone.

See, we just got torrential rains and serious flooding in our area over the last couple of days.  This means, yes, you guessed it! Water in the basement! Yay! (not!) We are lucky, though, we're in a higher end of town so were just dealing with a clogged drain so the water coming in had nowhere to go. But unclogging a drain with standing water can be a messy, messy thing.  And when you're getting splattered with god-knows-what, you want your hair out of your face and you want it to stay there!  I'm super glad the Vero Brava headbands are washable, and now I'm extra thankful.  In case you've ever wondered, a 55 gallon trash bag makes a rather nice plastic dress you can use to cover your clothing so it doesn't get messy.

I love the versatility of these headbands!  Vero Brava offers both their cotton/lyrca & high performance headbands in a lot of different  fun prints. You can wear them so many different ways - on your head and around your neck, or even turn it into a pony tail holder.  My two favorites:
Hair down:

Hair up:

I wear a headband/visor every morning walking the dog.  Wearing a visor helps cut the sun's glare, so I don't need sunglasses.  Which is nice, because #1, no sun glare, and #2, when I'm on a hard walk (we don't walk slow!) I'm not constantly adjusting them as they slip.  And #3, I can put the headband part of the visor over my ears on cooler, windy days. My current headband/visor is getting stretched out after a year's use so I am super glad to see Vero Brava offers these things!

Vero Brava does some cool things - for instance, every headband purchased helps Vero Brava donate headbands to children suffering from cancer. 

And, you can get your very own FREE Vero Brava headband!
Vero Brava knows you'll love your headband so much that you'll be back for more!  First time customers can receive a no-strings-attached black non-slip headband.  Shop their website at  Buy 2 and get one FREE, and get FREE shipping on all purchases within the US and Canada!


AlaskanBelle said...

I sure had high hopes for this because headbands have ALWAYS slipped. When they came in the mail, I saw the 10 in 1 ways to wear it. Well, these are made of the slipperiest material and do exactly that. Slip. I was expecting the rubber backing that I've only found in one headband a long time ago and now can no longer find. Nope. These can only be worn one way: Completely covering your forehead to your eyebrows and over your ears. Any other way it slips immediately off. Utter fail.

Batsheva said...

I agree with Alaskan Belle. EXACT same experience. I just went back to Claire's and bought a dozen of their headbands on sale, by 3 get 3 free, and paid less than $50 (including the tax) for a dozen! And their headbands slip much less than the Vero Brava ones, for a fraction of the price.

Anonymous said...

Just received mine and I'm not happy! They slip off after only minutes. The fact that they are sewn together in the back seems to be the problem. So not worth it!! I found great ones at Walgreens for .99 each.

Anonymous said...

I also had the same problem with these headbands they slip off as soon as you put them on so disappointed. I was really hoping they would work because they are so pretty. I find them to be more of a nusence then anything, so they will sit in my drawer until I can find another use for them 🙁

brianne rhoads said...

They delete negative reviews from their websites and social media accounts, as well as any comments that mention dissatisfaction. They also refuse to reply to emails, it's been 3+ weeks since I ordered my headbands and they haven't updated shipping or replied to questions. Buyers beware! They're cute and semi-functional, but not worth the hassle!