Friday, September 23, 2016

Teleflora Honors Breast Cancer Awareness Month Year-Round

Teleflora has created the Pink Grace bouquet in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month that delivers a stunning floral bouquet arrangement and also donates 15% of the purchase price from each sale to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, not only in the month of October, but all year-round.

Behavioral research conducted at Harvard University “demonstrates flowers in the home make a positive impact on lives finding that people are more likely to feel happier and have more enthusiasm when flowers are in their home living environment.”

Teleflora’s Pink Grace bouquet is available at Prices start at $54.95 for a standard bouquet arrangement.

My Thoughts

Teleflora has beautiful bouquets for all your special occasions, but the Pink Grace bouquet is truly unique. Each bouquet includes a selection of  beautiful  roses, lilies, and carnations with a little greenery mixed in.  It also comes in a beautiful pink cubed vase. Because the vase is square, it can easily be used a candle bowl or for a multitude of other purposes long after the flowers are gone. Of course, the thing that makes this bouquet really special is what it stands for. Each time you order one, a portion of the proceeds goes to the Breast Cancer Foundation. This makes this bouquet the perfect choice for a special survivor in your life. We gave our flowers to my great aunt. She is ninety-five, and is a breast cancer survivor who is still going strong!  

There are still more perks to ordering from Teleflora.  Usually, when you order flowers online, they won't look as nice in person as they did in the photos on the website. That's not the case with this lovely bouquet. They were delivered by hand by a local florist in my hometown, which is great because it helps the economy in my own community. What makes it even better is that they are stunning. Every leaf and every petal is perfection both in their freshness and the arrangement.  We've had this arrangement for a few days, but all the other flowers I have received from Teleflora has lasted at least two weeks or more.

 If you'd like to learn more about Teleflora and all their beautiful  bouquets, be sure to visit their website.  Get your flowers as soon as next day. Keep them bookmarked for all your special occasions and follow them on all their social networks to keep up with new sales and promotions.

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