Friday, September 23, 2016

Back to School ­FUEL up!

Whether it’s packing school lunch boxes, students heading off to college, or adults balancing meals on the go… Everyone is looking for healthy, easier and more economical ways to pack food and take it with them. Trudeau’s FUEL collection is packed full of food and beverage storage containers offering specialization to match a variety of needs, lifestyles, and food choices. FUEL designs are clever and attractive demonstrating innovative, durable construction to keep foods fresh. FUEL products are easy to transport, reusable and recyclable to minimize environmental impact. Products are also BPA free.

FUEL features a variety of innovations and “I need that” designs that set the line apart from traditional lunch box offerings such as; individual condiment containers, a salad bowl with built in dressing storage and ice pack, a multi, removable compartmentalized Bento Box, a vacuum sealed soup and food container with separate pieces to house crackers and chips, snap together cutlery, double walled hydration and beverage bottles and so much more.

Many are available in one of two fashion colors: Kiwi Green and Raspberry. FUEL includes more than 25 food on the go containers and carry solutions retailing from $4.99-$19.99 and found at mass market, grocery, and specialty stores nationwide. For stores visit

Celebrating more than 125 years in business, Trudeau Corporation is a 4th generation family operated company and is the leading supplier of quality kitchenware and tabletop accessories in North America.

My Thoughts: 

Thanks to FUEL by Trudeau, I was able to try a few different varieties of their favorite back to school additions. They are easy to use, convenient, and perfect for on the go travel. I was personally drawn to the Stainless Steel Food Jar after reading about the products. Due to my dad working outdoors, he loves anything that can help keep his food fresh. The vacuum insulated container does in fact help food fresh for hours. The wide mouth top is easy to fill. The container is simple to eat from and also BPA free. It is leak proof, so no worries about unexpected spills or messes. Plus, clean up is a breeze. My family loves eating fresh soups inside, leftovers from dinner, or even cold treats like ice cream. It is truly a must have item.

I was also fortunate to try out FUEL's snack pockets and condiments set. I loved both of these as well. The large pocket is perfect for sandwiches or holding larger items. The smaller one held snack bars and other sides perfectly. They're lightweight, and store nicely. The condiment set, like the snack pockets are designed beautifully. I adored being able to store my favorite add ons like salt, pepper, pickles, hummus, and anything else I need extra storage for.

FUEL has wonderful products for children, teens and adults on the go. They're safe, easy to clean and perfect for those desiring to eat their favorite meals while out and about. I would highly recommend FUEL's product line!

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