Sunday, July 17, 2016

Review: Kids 'N' Pets Instant All-Purpose Stain & Odor Remover Wipes

Paw prints. Finger prints. Food and drink smudges. In your house, stains and odors are more consistent than the delivery of the newspaper, often appearing out of thin air and trailing your kids and pets wherever they go. That’s why we created a brand new product that combines the effective, non-toxic, enzyme based formula of our most popular spray product with the ease and flexibility of a wipe. KIDS ‘N’ PETS new Instant All-Purpose Stain & Odor Remover Wipes eliminate tough stains and odors at home and on-the-go by simply wiping it away.

Not a butt-wipe, not a bleach wipe! Our biodegradable, multipurpose formula can be used on any water safe surface to clean up messes fast while tackling smelly surface stains safely and effectively – neutralizing and eliminating the odor instead of masking it with a different scent like many other solutions on the shelf.

Car seat cover full of food smudges? Wipe it away! Show up at work with fingerprints or make-up on your blouse? Wipe it away! Muddy paw prints on your pants or carpet? Wipe it away! Mysterious stain on your sofa? Wipe it away!

Created by a parent and pet owner – for parents and pet owners, KIDS ‘N’ PETS is proud to be a winner of the Women’s Choice Award and Parent Tested, Parent Approved Seal of Approval, an honor given to products that meet PTPA’s high quality and safety standards.

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Our Thoughts
Kids 'N' Pets products are a staple in our household with a child and dog.  Although, it's mostly stains from the dogs over the years rather than the  one child.  Mostly. :) I do have one cream-colored upholstered chair I am rather fond of that has gotten fairly dirty over the years and I was contemplating the best way to go about cleaning it, especially the place where he-who-shall-not-be-named spilled his cappuccino on it.  Most of it was mopped up, but the hidden part was not. Seems there was plenty of dog hair and a piece of a chip down there too!

The wipes are meant to be pulled thru the small opening in the lid for maximum evaporation protection, but honestly I found it easier to just remove the lid entirely and take the wipes out from there.  There is no excess liquid in the container and due to that natural phenomenon called gravity, the wipes are much more saturated down at the bottom than they are at the top.  I found that to clean this old, dried cappuccino stain, I needed to use the saturated part first and scrub pretty hard.  It took 3 wipes for this area to come clean.  And I realized while scrubbing the best part about these wipes: they don't shred!

If you look closely at the top right of this photo you'll see a stain line I still need to clean up.  It's hard to judge when the fabric is wet with cleaner whether or not you've gotten it all.  It's easy enough to simply let it dry and tackle it again another day if you need to.

Since we somehow didn't happen to have any accidental spills in the duration of this review, I tackled some other older stains I'd been neglecting. The top front half as well as the vertical front part of the chair's cushion was dingy from years of use; I did find it harder to saturate, then scrub using just the wipes, so I grabbed my trusty spray container of Kids 'N' Pets (which I purchased at Walmart), sprayed the area, let it sit a few minutes, and used the thankfully non-shredding Kids 'N' Pets Wipes to clean it.  Again, it's a little hard to see if you got the area clean when the fabric is wet, so be sure to inspect it after it dries and see if you need to re-apply and clean some more.  The below photo is after the first round of cleaning.  I think I got it about 80% clean, but even still it's a huge improvement over looking at a plainly dingy chair!

Another item I attempted to clean was our couch.  With his sensory needs, our son always has his hands in his mouth and subsequently gets drool in the same 3 places on the couch thanks to his saturated hands.   Like the chair above, I sprayed the area first, let it sit, and then scrubbed with the wipes and was even more thankful for their non-shreddi-ness (is that even a word??). I went thru a pile of the wipes cleaning the couch.  That's a cleaning project I'll be repeating over the years until he can fulfill his sensory needs in a less-wet manner.

I also used the KIDS ‘N’ PETS Instant All-Purpose Stain & Odor Remover Wipes on our big front window - I figured the "cleaned" window would have smears, and it did, but that wasn't my concern.  Our son's wet hands are frequently in contact with the window which leads to a buildup of drool.  Glass cleaner can remove it, but it takes some scrubbing.  The wipes cut right thru the dried drool easy as pie and then I just finished up the window with a 50/50 vinegar/water solution to clear the smears.

The adorable, now house-trained puppy in the above photo is responsible for two small stains on the 8 year old carpet that I have as yet to be able to fully remove using Kids 'N' Pets nor any other carpet cleaner (actually there's 4 carpet stains, 2 of which were from a dog that spent a week here). Next time I attempt it, I'm going to take their suggestion from their "Spill It" Q&A on their Facebook page, where they recommend using a half or even a FULL bottle on one stain and letting it air dry.  I hadn't tried using near that much, so next time we're going on vacation, I'll dump a whole lot on the stains and they can air dry while we're gone.

Again, Kids 'N' Pets products are used often in this house - highly recommend!