Sunday, July 17, 2016

Three new beauty products from Makeup Academy at CVS

Makeup Academy (MUA)  has brought three NEW products to the ever-growing line, including a Lash Primer, Makeup Correcting Pen and Liquid Highlighter. From beauty essentials like eye shadow palettes to expertly-crafted brushes and tools, Makeup Academy delivers makeup artist must-haves in fashion-forward colors, luxurious textures and pro-performance designs. Sold exclusively at CVS Pharmacy nationwide and

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My Thoughts
I had the opportunity to try Makeup Academy a few months back and have found that I love their products. I was excited to give these three new items a try as well.

The first new product they released was the Lash Primer. You'll need your favorite mascara to go with this product. First, you apply the primer. I let it dry a moment then I added my mascara on top of it. For super bold eye, you can apply another layer of mascara after you let the first layer dry. I did see a difference when using it. My eyelashes seemed to pop more, making them more noticeable. I've tried some other mascaras that made my lashes longer and fuller, but they caused itchiness in my eyes as the day went on. This product didn't do that. So I was very pleased with it.

The second product I tried was the Under-Eye Illuiminator. This went on after your concealer or make up to kinda illuminate your eyes and hide imperfections. I had a hard time figuring this one out and how to use it. It helps hide dark circles and other blemishes on the face. This isn't my first time trying an illuiminator pen. But I did like this product and will continue to try and master the technique on how to use this.

The third product I tried was the Makeup Correcting Pen. Love this. Ever mess up your eyeliner and of course, your eyeshadow is perfect? This pen helps with that, almost like an eraser to help you fix your mess up. This is also great to get rid of eye shadow that might flake below your eyes and also around your lips when messing up your lips stick. Another thing I do often because I don't wear a lot of lipstick.

I really like these products. I also love the tips they give on the packaging as well as an experts Q&A about the product.