Friday, June 3, 2016

Meet Dosha Bar! #Giveaway & #Discount Code

I wanted to introduce you to Dosha Bar, they are a product we featured recently in a BuddhiBox, and they are new on the market. They're a 100% organic, unsweetened fruit and seed bar.  

This bar is a little different than all the others, which is why I chose to feature them in BuddhiBox. First, they have very clean ingredients. Dosha Bar uses unsweetened fruit (most dried fruit is covered in sugar or apple juice concentrate), very little sweetener (pretty much the last ingredient on the list), and no preservatives, flavorings, or lab-made powders such as fiber, fruit, or protein. Bottom line is that it tastes great and digests like real food, unlike most bars I've had. 

Second, the Dosha Bar brand imagery and packaging is beautiful. As important, it hits the nail on the head in it's connection with yoga, unlike so many brands that simply try to put an asana or a buddha on a package and miss the point. Dosha Bar's brand connects through yoga's sister science, Ayurveda.  Each bar is made with ingredient combinations that balances one of the 3 "doshas" (Ayurvedic mind-body types) and the site even offers consumers an online quiz to help find their dominant "dosha" and get life balance tips with recommendations for activities and food ingredients to balance them.  It's a pretty cool, unique idea for a food product!  

My Thoughts:

I was excited to try the three varities of the Dosha Bar. The concept of the product is so unique and interesting. I love learning about yoga and it always relaxes me when I take part in it. The idea of these bars helping the balancing process truly intrigued me. They arrived in a sweet drawstring burlap bag. Below are pictures of each bar and what I thought of them:

Blueberry Balance (Pitta):

This was one of my favorite bars in the bunch. It helps to balance Pitta. It's sweet, tasty and very relaxing. As I ate the bar, I felt a bit more grounded, calm and centered. I was surprised! The blueberries give the bar a sweet texture, with a energy boost from the added seeds that include Sunflower Seeds, Pumpkin Seeds, Puffed Amaranth, Dates and Raisins. There is also a dash of Cinnamon, Brown Rice Syrup and Quinoa Crisps. This the ideal comfort food that is actually good for you!  

Cran Apple Awakening (Kapha):

If you are looking for a treat that will wake you up, this is for you! This bar is zesty to the max and helps to balance Kapha! I loved it. The ingredients include a seed mixture of Sunflower Seeds, Hemp Seed Hearts, Quinoa Crisps, Buckwheat, Chia Seeds. There is also a nice fruit blend of Plums, Apples, Cranberries. There is a nice sweet burst too from the organic honey. This is ideal for those that need that extra boost in the morning or during the day. 

Cherry Chakra (Vata):

Cherry Chakra had a unique flavor. It was a mixture of tangy and sweet, and quite hearty. The taste of seed mixture stands out the most in the bar. It contains Pumpkin Seeds, Hemp Seed Hearts, Sesame Seeds, and Quinoa Crisps. There was a nice variety of fruits as well including Cherries, Dates, Plums, and Apples. There's a little dash of Sea Salt, Brown Rice Syrup and Organic Sunflower Oil. The bar helps to balance Vata, assisting in feeling focused, at ease and grounded. 

I really enjoyed what Dosha Bar represents and you can't beat the flavors. These are bars that are not only healthy, but delicious. Each one is successful in its mission to balance each area it covers. I would highly recommend this to anyone who loves yoga, is looking to get involved in it, or is simply looking for a nutritious treat. 

***Discount Code***

Enter coupon code MamaLovesDoshaBar_15off for 15% off our Dosha® Bar - Mixed Flavor 12 ct. Sample Pack !

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The Giveaway

One lucky winner is going to receive samples of these delicious Dosha Bars! To enter just fill out the giveaway tools form below. Open to the US only. Giveaway will end  6/24/16. The winner will be notified via email and will have 48 hours to reply. Thanks again to Dosha Bar and BuddhiBox for offering this fantastic prize!


Barb said...

I think the blueberry balance would be my favorite to try first. They all sound delicious. I am so glad they are healthy!

aperry said...

I would love to try the Dosha® Bar - Blueberry Balance (Balances Pitta)

Linda Kish said...

I would like to try the Cherry Chakra bars first. They all sound wonderful.

alissa apel said...

I'd like Blueberry Balance (Balances Pitta).

Lia C said...

I'd like to try Cherry Chakra

Terri Irvin said...

Apple Cran Awakening would be perfect for my lunchbox.

JLin Mei said...

Dosha® Bar - Blueberry Balance

Cindy Merrill said...

I would love the Apple Cran awakening flavor.

Katrina Brockavich said...

I want to try the Apple Cran awakening

Austin Baroudi said...

Would love to try the Apple Cran Awakening!

Marija said...

Cherry Chakra would be my first choice.