Friday, June 3, 2016

Essential Oils by Britney Brinson

Britney Brinson is a driven, knowledgeable and charismatic author with passion for sharing her insights on topics such as health, fitness, meditation and self-help. She is all about connecting her personal experiences with her commitment to help other people unlock their full potential and make the best out of themselves in every aspect of their daily life...on a spiritual and physical level! Her publications speak to the audience on such a honest and personal level because Britney writes from a similarly personal perspective stemming from an intimate first-hand knowledge of anything she writes about.

Our Thoughts

In the beginning of the book Britney explains that oils are not universal. What oil is appealing to one person may hold negative connotations for another person if that particular scent reminds them of a dark time in their life. This could be seen as a healing opportunity, in my opinion, but it definitely makes sense that oils are different for each person. I never considered before the emotional impact of what our past scents can have on us and why one oil is not perfect for one situation across the board.

She provides recipes to make your own essential oil blends for specific healing purposes such as energy, confidence, happiness. Everyone needs more of that! A lot of the oils she recommends for healing (emotional or physical) aligns with much of what I already know in regards to oil correspondences. I like seeing that in a book because it makes me feel I can trust the author. If the information was too far off what I have researched on my own, I would have a hard time taking Britney Brinson’s word on her suggestions.

One of my favorite parts of the books is essential oils and chakras. I love chakras and balance mine routinely and utilize oils to do so already. Reading Britney’s point of view of oils and chakras is refreshing. The root chakra is associated with Frankincense, Patchouli, Cedarwood and more. I mean, the root chakra is an earthy one, and those are some pretty earthy oils. She makes excellent associations within this book! You can find chakra information all over the web but you’ll often just get where the chakra is, what it stands for and the associations with it. Britney goes one step further and explains signs of balance and signs of imbalance. I find this helps people understand and grasp the concept of energy and chakras more easily.

Reviewed by Jackie