Friday, April 22, 2016

Beauty 360 facial cleaning clothes from CVS.

 BEAUTY 360, these Facial Cleansing Cloths are dermatologist tested and enriched with vitamins to gently and effortlessly remove makeup and impurities for healthy, radiant and moisturized skin, without parabens or alcohol. Perfect for travel or to toss in the gym bag, these Facial Cleansing Cloths are $7.99 and sold exclusively at CVS pharmacy.

  Infused with antioxidant Grape Seed Extract and Ceramides to keep skin soft and supple, helping reduce the appearance of wrinkles, providing anti-aging benefits for all skin types

Dual-action cloths for normal, oily and combination skin feature two sides – one to gently exfoliate skin, and the other to cleanse – and are formulated with detoxifying Blood Orange Extract and purifying Cornflower Extract with Vitamin E to moisturize

Formulated for dry and sensitive skin, Micellar Water – featuring micelle cleansing molecules that lift dirt and oil from the face like a magnet - deeply cleanses and moisturizes while Aloe Vera Extract softens, soothes and fights damage from free radicals

Ideal for sensitive skin, these soothing fragrance-free wipes are infused with mineral-rich Volcanic Water to calm and purify skin while cleansing

Best suited for normal and combination skin, Lotus Flower Extract and Vitamin E provide intense hydration while Aloe Vera Extract calms, softens and fights free radicals

Featuring antioxidant-rich sweet Almond Oil, soothing Cotton Flower and Vitamin E to deeply moisturize, combat inflammation and restore hydration to dry, sensitive skin

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My Thoughts

I got the chance to try sooth and exfoliate facial wipes from beauty 360.

The first one I tried out was exfoliate. This is very rough, so don't scrub your face too hard. One side has very rough bumps to remove dead skin as you wash your face. After using this cloth, I applied a moisturizer and my face seemed more bright from rinsing away the dead skin. I wouldn't recommend using this cloth daily, by maybe weekly as part of your routine.

The next evening I used sooth to rinse away the day and make-up. This was cool across my skin and had a very light fragrance to it. The cloth was thick and I found it easy to run it along my face as I pulled off my make-up. It glided across my eyes without issue, and pulled off the eyeliner and mascara without issue.

I really like these because I've never been one to take the time to wash my face the way I should, but since I've discovered these beauty 360 wipes, I find it's easy to take one, wipe down my face and go to bed without a face still full of make-up. Most nights I did apply my moisturizer, but if I did skip that, my skin didn't feel dried out. That was a really big plus for me.

Overall, I really liked these. I love all the different options in the beauty 360 wipes, so you're sure to find one that is right for you. Both of these did have a very light fragrance to them, but it wasn't bothersome to my face at all and didn't linger when I was done using it. I'd recommend these to anyone who needs to carry around face wipes or is like me and not very good at their skin care routine.


Kristina said...

I have not tried this brand before and coming across your blog, I may now try it! Is it still working well for you?