Friday, January 1, 2016

Start 2016 with Bruleries Faro Roasting Houses

If you want me to have a Happy New Year, forget the champagne. Pour me a  good cup of coffee or a fancy latte. In 2016, Bruleries Faro Roasting Houses coffee in on my  wish list. They offer quality coffee for a reasonable price. They have a great selection of traditional blends, but they also have a huge selection of unique flavored single serve cups that are compatible with Kuerig!

Last year, I finally got my hands on a Kuerig and it was one of the best investments of my life. There's nothing like getting a fresh cup of coffee anytime you want one. Having a great coffee like this makes the experience even better. This cup of coffee is smooth, not bitter at all, and strong without being overpowering.  I got to try two different blends, Colombien Zelandia Corse and their Italian Blend. Both of these options are really dark roasts that are the perfect way yo get started in the morning. 

Literally, some of the best cups of coffee I've ever made. It was like getting a professional drink without the big price tag! With  Bruleries Faro, it's easy to have the whole coffee house experience right at home.  In addition to their K-cups, they also offer a full range of bagged coffees, including some organic blends. To see all they have to offer, be sure to visit their website or follow them on social media.

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