Friday, January 1, 2016

Repousse Brass Jewelry Box.

Every holiday season I get lots of jewelry from family and friends, but I don't often get a jewelry box to store all these new treasures. This year, I decided to treat myself to a little something from Novica. They have united over 2000 master artists from around the world, bringing you an extensive collection of fine art in just one website. Their items are original and unique and something anyone would be proud to have on display in their homes.  There were many lovely trinket boxes to choose from on the Novica website, but I instantly fell in love with the Repousse Brass Jewelry Box. 



This lovely piece is just the right size to store all your favorite pieces of jewelry. Inside is a velvet line casing with spots to store rings as well as other trinkets. There is also a mirror that allows you to touch up your makeup or take a peek at how nice that necklace looks draped around your neck.  Of course, it is the exterior that is really something to rave about.


This jewelry box is handmade from brass. There are many interesting designs and patterns throughout the piece. I love picking out the crescent moons hidden within the curves and carvings. It's embellished with beautiful stones and glass beads. No two boxes will be exactly the same, but they will all add a regal touch to any room of your home. Khalid Ali is the artist behind this stunning vintage jewelry box, and you can see the pride he takes in his work. I would definitely consider purchasing additional pieces in the "Majestic View" line.  As usual, the products from Novica are unique and never a disappointment. 


sallywilsey said...

What a beautiful box. It really reminds me of ones like my Mom had and put on her vanity.

Dorothy Teel said...

Novica has a lot of beautiful items and the artisians really amaze me and the items they create, your box is beautiful, I love the collection of crosses at Novica

alissa apel said...

This is pretty. I've never been disappointed with Novica. I love that they are in support of the artist!

rj7777 said...

I love novica! They have some very interesting items there! They are unique which makes them great for gifts!

Brandi Bradley said...

That jewelry box is beautiful. I did not even know getting one custom made was an option. That would be a great Christmas gift for my daughter, after I got myself one, of course. I know all about having tons of jewelry with no where to put it. I still use an old music box at times.

Brandi Bradley @ Rotax Metals