Thursday, January 7, 2016

Fairy Tales Live Repel hair products for kids

During winter, lice can be transmitted via clothing layers, hats, gloves, scarves, as well as during traveling. Avoid an outbreak of head lice in your home this season with these few tips from Risa Barash, aka “Lice Lady” and founder of Fairy Tales Hair Care:
  • Lice seek out warm places to live, so be sure not to share beanies, scarves, mittens, etc. as lice can survive up to 36 hours off the head.
  • Make it a routine to toss your children’s mittens, hats and scarves in the dryer for 20 minutes at a temperature greater than 130°F to keep critters away.
  • Returning from holiday vacation? Wash and dry (preferably on hot) all of your dirty laundry.
Organic herbs such as rosemary and peppermint are a deterrent scent to lice. Using prevention products like Fairy Tales NEW Rosemary Repel® Shampoo & Conditioning Spray every day is effective way to help repel lice. Regular head checks can also help break the cycle of infestation at home and school.

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My Thoughts

This is a really great line of products. We have dealt with lice before in my household and I hope we never have to deal with those nasty bugs again. I do live in fear though because my daughter loves to keep her hair long. It's almost like a magnet for those critters.

When I first got these products, I didn't expect to actually have a lice scare. The other day my daughter was playing at a friends house and I learned that they'd been fighting lice in their home. As soon as my daughter got home, I used the Fairy Tales hair spray in her hair, soaking it until it was stiff. That evening, she washed her hair with the Fairy Tales shampoo and conditioner. We used the Fairy Tales spray in conditioner when we combed out her hair. For the next few days, I used the hair spray on her when styling. I am happy to report, no lice! Yay!

These products smell like Rosemary and can be a bit strong if you use too much, such as when I soaked her hair with the hairspray, however, when using these normally, the smell was light and not bothersome. These are a product we'll enjoy having and using several times a month to make sure we keep lice away this winter season.


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