Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Coffee: The Valentine Gift that Keeps on Giving!

We all have that one person in our life that cannot mentally or physically function until their first, second or even third cup of joe. The person that you know not to speak to until they’ve had their coffee. This time of morning may be commonly referred to as the “danger zone,” and rightfully so. You should proceed with the upmost caution in this dark, terrifying situation. This Valentine's Day, do yourself and their coworkers an irreplaceable favor by giving your morning grouch the gift of consciousness, happiness, friendliness and so much more. Give the gift of coffee, the gift that keeps on giving. You’ll be relished by not only your grouchy friend, but by those who must interact with said grouch during the most tumultuous times.  
From family and friends to coworkers, Royal Cup and H.C. Valentine can provide the perfect holiday gift  for anyone who appreciates a perfectly roasted cup of coffee. For the coffee lover on your holiday gift list, grant their Valentine wish with one of the delicious roasts below.

  1. H.C. Valentine Signature Blend: A full-bodied blend with a hint of dried black cherry, raisins and chocolate, this Certified Rainforest Alliance coffee is an excellent gift for those who appreciate the finer things in life.
  2. Royal 150 Blend: This medium roast is an exotic blend of African, Indonesian and Central American coffee that is full-bodied with bright flavors including apricot, chocolate and caramel with a clean finish. This blend is perfect for the special person in your life with a sweet tooth, as it is perfectly paired with delectable desserts.
  3. H.C. Valentine 100% Organic Signature Espresso: For the espresso lover in your life, this complex blend of 100 percent organic coffees swirls in your mouth notes of red fruit, spice, caramel and toasted nuts. With a clean, medium-length finish, it’s a perfect straight shot and holds up nicely in milk.
  4. Royal Cup Kenya Estate Blend: This winy, acidic, fine East African coffee is grown on the slopes of the beautiful volcano Mount Kenya. The high altitude with its cool nights and warm days, combines with the rich volcanic soil to produce flavors not found in other parts of the coffee worlds.
  5. Royal Cup French Roast Blend: This gourmet coffee is roasted to a medium dark color, which creates a dark, rich and full-bodied, yet winy taste that exhilarates the palate like a fine wine.

Not everyone is easy to buy for, but everyone who drinks coffee will surely love these premium blends.

My Thoughts

If you want to win my heart, then forget the flowers and chocolate. Get me a good cup of coffee or a fancy latte.  This year, Royal Cup and H.C. Valentine 
in on my Valentine's Day wish list. This isn't just any coffee.  If you like your coffee to be fresh roasted, with a deep, dark roast that will leave your mouth watering, this is the coffee for you. I received a few samples e to try, and I was really impressed and so was my best friend. She always complains my coffee isn't strong enough. Even if I use almost twice the recommended serving, she'll still tell me it tastes like water. But the last few times she came to visit, I haven't heard any complaints.You can tell just by looking at the beans that this will be a great cup of coffee. It was like getting a professional drink without the big price tag

 Did you ever open a bag of coffee and you just knew it was going to be excellent because it smelled so fresh and delicious?  I couldn't stop breathing in that amazing scent.  I could tell  by the dark color and texture of the beans that it was fresh and newly roasted. I was able to grind the beans myself and then I stood there and watched it brew, feeling my mouth water as I waited.  I wasn't disappointed. It was smooth, not bitter at all, and super strong without being overpowering. It definitely gives me the extra caffeine jolt I need to get started in the morning. Literally, one of the best cups of coffee I've ever made at home as well as the strongest.

But there is still more to love about this coffee. In addition to being fantastic coffee, some of their beans are also certified organic.   All of their varieties are available at a reasonable price anyone can afford.  This delicious coffee would make a great gift for any occasion or a wonderful way to indulge a personal whim.  If you're looking for an awesome cup of gourmet coffee at a fair price, than 
 Royal Cup and H.C. Valentine is the perfect choice.  To learn more about all their fantastic products, be sure to visit their website or their social networking sites.