Saturday, December 5, 2015

Whiten your teeth with CVS Platinum Whitening Kit

Nothing complements a bold lip better than glistening pearly whites, but the thought of having to step into a dentist’s office for a whitening session may have you reluctant to try that purple shade you’ve had your eye on. To provide a faster and easier alternative to in-office teeth whitening visits, CVS/pharmacy introduces the NEW Platinum Whitening Kit ($29.99), which whitens teeth and removes years of stains with just one 20-minute treatment! So next time you’re watching an old Friends rerun or waiting for your clay mask to dry, you can simultaneously whiten your teeth.

The kit includes a soft mouth tray that won’t hurt like plastic mouth trays and doesn’t require boiling/molding. The tray is pre-filled with the whitening mixture (which has a fresh minty flavor!) for mess-free application and the formula includes potassium nitrate to minimize the discomfort/tooth sensitivity usually associated with teeth whitening. For an even whiter smile, the kit comes with two bonus treatments pre-filled in an easy-to-use syringe!
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My Thoughts

I have never done a whitening treatment before. I did take before and after photos, but my teeth are kind of icky, so I don't want to show them. I brushed my teeth before doing this. The instructions weren't clear if I needed to or not. The only instructions that came were on the back of the box. The tray already comes filled, you just pop it in the mouth.

Oh my, that was a long 20 minutes. The tray stays in place, but I couldn't stop thinking about needing to swallow my saliva, which probably made me make more saliva. LOL. I watched TV and played on my phone for the 20 minutes. When it was over, I raced up stairs and pulled the tray out, spitting what was left in the sink. I then rinsed my mouth with warm water and used my tooth brush to get the rest of the gel off my teeth. Now it was time to see if the 20 minutes had been worth it.

I am happy to report I had noticeably whiter teeth. I was shocked because my teeth were VERY yellowed. They aren't white yet, but with the other two treatments, I think they could be. My teeth were at least 3 shades lighter when I compared my photos. So even though it was a long 20 minutes and while doing it I wondered if I'd do it again. Yes, I would.  It feels nice to see my teeth less yellow.