Saturday, December 5, 2015

Zuke's skinny bakes and jerky! Give your dog a healthy treat.

Zuke’s® Delivers Real Meat Goodness with New Genuine Jerky Steaks
Savory slices of New Zealand beef with healthy veggies to fuel your biggest adventures

Zuke’s®, a natural pet treat company leading the way in pet nutrition, is expanding their protein packed Genuine Jerky™ treat line to include a bigger, meatier version with extra vitamins and minerals that has all of the same wholesome qualities with even more nutritional power.  Zuke’s® Genuine Jerky Steaks™ are savory slices of 100% grass-fed New Zealand beef with visible vegetable inclusions that deliver protein, vitamins and minerals to fuel dogs’ biggest adventures.

Made with real, wholesome ingredients you can recognize, Zuke’s® Genuine Jerky Steaks™ bring real-meat fuel to treat time.   Each thick slice starts with pure New Zealand beef rich in omega-3’s, and is combined with generous visible chunks of carrots, potatoes or sweet potatoes for extra vitamins and minerals.   Naturally preserved without the use of added nitrates or nitrites, Genuine Jerky Steaks™ are also completely free of grains, artificial flavors or colors. With its very limited and clean ingredient list, this naturally nutritious treat is one that dogs will totally crave.

“All of our recipes are made with whole food and nutritious, natural ingredients,” says Zuke’s® Director of Innovation, Chris Meiering. “The real meat and visible vegetable inclusions in these innovative jerky steaks provide the protein and extra nutrition that dogs need to fuel their biggest adventures.” 

Providing pet parents with a simple-recipe jerky made with real New Zealand beef, Zuke’s® new Genuine Jerky Steaks™ will be available in September 2015 at pet-supply chains, independent pet-product stores, natural-food retailers, and online for an MSRP of $12.99. Genuine Jerky Steaks™ come in beef & carrot, beef & potato, and beef & sweet potato recipes. 


Zuke’s® Launches New Low-Calorie Skinny Bakes® Treats Line
2, 5 and 20-Calorie Varieties Added to Guilt-Free Crunchy Treat Lineup 

Zuke’s®, a natural pet treat company leading the way in pet nutrition, has expanded its lineup of crunchy 10-calorie Skinny Bakes® treats to include more low-calorie options with new 2, 5 and 20-calorie count varieties. The perfect reward for a healthy dog looking to stay lean or for those wanting to get fit, Skinny Bakes® are made in the USA from natural, whole food ingredients that provide high-quality nutrition. The absence of wheat, corn and soy also makes this treat a good fit for dogs with common allergies.

The obesity epidemic is not just affecting people, our pups’ waistlines and health are suffering as well. According to the Association for Pet Obesity and Prevention, more than half the dogs in the U.S. are overweight, and one out of five is obese. Similar to how obesity impacts humans, excess weight on pets can result in a host of health problems, from an increased risk of osteoarthritis, joint problems, insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes, to high blood pressure, heart and respiratory disease, kidney disease, and some cancers. It can even decrease an animal's life expectancy by up to 2.5 years.

“With dog weight management an increasing concern, we saw the need for a treat that would set the bar at an even lower calorie count, while keeping nutrition and taste high. Adding to our lineup of Skinny Bakes® is the perfect platform for us to provide pet parents a treat that they can feel good about giving while keeping their dog healthy and active,” shared Zuke’s® Director of Innovation Chris Meiering.

The complete lineup includes:

·         Skinny Bakes® 2’s: Featuring the goodness of yogurt, brown rice, pearled barley, and rice bran baked into every treat, Skinny Bakes® 2’s provide a tiny calorie count that is ideal for toy breeds, training puppies, or larger dogs. Recipes include: yogurt & vanilla, yogurt & honey, and yogurt & maple syrup.

·         Skinny Bakes® 5’s: Made with scrumptious peanut butter, tasty fruit, rolled oats, pearled barley and rice bran, Skinny Bakes® 5’s are the perfect size and low-calorie count to reward small and large dogs alike while keeping them happy and lean. Recipes include: peanut butter & blueberries, peanut butter & apples, and peanut butter & cranberry.

·         Skinny Bakes® 10’s (the original!): Featuring yummy fruits or vegetables combined with wholesome oatmeal, barley and rice bran, Skinny Bakes® 10’s are the perfect treat for medium-sized dogs looking to stay lean or for pups with a little extra around the waistline. Recipes include: cherry & berry, peanut butter & banana, and pumpkin & sweet potato.

·         Skinny Bakes® 20’s: Made with coconut, antioxidant-rich power berries, brown rice, pearled barley, and rice bran, Skinny Bakes® 20’s are larger treats designed for bigger dogs. Recipes include: coconut & açaí+cranberry, coconut & aronia+cranberry and coconut & pomegranate.

Skinny Bakes® are set to put the kibosh on junky, unhealthy biscuits for dogs. Zuke’s® recommends that pet parents give these treats to their four-legged friends when exploring outside or sharing quality time together. Each crunchy treat can easily break in half to provide twice as many rewards.

Zuke’s® new Skinny Bakes® varieties will be available in late summer 2015 across the country at pet-supply chains, independent pet-product stores, natural-food retailers, and online for an MSRP of $6.99.

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My Thoughts

I don't know who was more excited to get the Zuke's treats, me or my dog! I have a labrador and she has a few food allergies. I have to be careful what I give her. Zuke's was a perfect treat for her. Usually jerky is made from chicken, a meat that doesn't react well with her stomach. She LOVED the beef jerky. I was tempted to try it myself. The smell of it was delicious and made my own mouth water. Reading the ingredients, it was probably something I could eat if I wanted.

We also got to try some of their lean skinny bakes. I liked that they were low-calorie. I don't give my dog a lot of treats, so calories don't worry me. However, my parents have a small chihuahua they love giving treats too. He got to try the toy size and small treats. He gave his approval too.

Zuke's treats are a treat you can give your dog and feel good about it. You're not giving your pet a bunch of fillers, instead you're giving your loved one all natural and a nutritious snack.