Saturday, December 5, 2015

Sleepwear from Project Love

Just launched, a new social giveback sleepwear company called Project Love

The line, which was created to connect communities around the world, so that women can have better futures and live our their hopes and dreams, was designed by Michael Faircloth, a high-end Dallas designer who is best known for his couture dresses for former First Lady Laura Bush. 

The ​first collection consists of stylish​ and fun​ and is committed to giving away 51% of profits, and this first line supports​, yet comfortable ​​nightgowns, rompers, pants and tops,  which you can view here​. Think of the nightgowns as your favorite t-shirt, just prettier. They're
The  group of women in Haiti, which you can read about here

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My Thoughts

This is the romper that I got. 

It's very pretty and soft. When wearing it, it did feel like a T-shirt. I enjoyed wearing it and didn't want to change out of it.I didn't have issues with it bunching up while sleeping. The spaghetti straps are adjustable so you can make the top as revealing or not revealing as need be.

The only thing I disliked about this, was that while wearing it, in order to use the restroom, I had to take the entire thing off them put it back on. That was a little bothersome for me, so I would probably choose a different design in the future for myself.

After washing it, I didn't notice any shrinking. The stitching on the piece was great. I didn't come across any loose threads. I really like the Project Love line and will be checking it out more in the future for myself when I need new sleepwear.