Thursday, December 17, 2015

Oubliette -- A Forgotten Little Place

Vanta M. Black's book, Oubliette—A Forgotten Little Place, is an exciting novel based on true events and historic legends.  The book is inspired by the real oubliette at Leap Castle, which is the considered the most-haunted castle in Ireland. In the 1920's, the remains of over 150 different bodies were discovered.  Black  used her imagination to weave the forgotten stories behind each soul who met their fate in the oubliette. This singular thought became the inspiration of the book. The  horror-thriller is set at a castle in the Loire Valley of France, and the author pulls from several poignant historical time periods including The French Revolution, the Reformation, the Black Death, the era of the Roman Empire, the time of the Pagans, and the period surrounding the height of the Knights Templar. There is even a modern story about two sisters who are hired to renovate the château. 

Personal experiences with entities known as “shadow people” also motivated Black to pen the book. “These specters—I don’t know how else to explain them—tormented me at night. I assumed they were just bad dreams. Then someone else witnessed one hover above me as I slept. I don’t know what it was, but I speculated about the mysterious encounters while writing Oubliette.”

This fantastic novel spans several area of history and brings the reader hours of suspenseful entertainment.  To learn more about Oubliette -- A Forgotten Little Place or Vanta M Black, be sure to visit the author's website.