Thursday, December 17, 2015

What to Have in the Medicine Cabinet When Baby Gets Sick

Winter is nearly upon us, and for babies being exposed to cold weather and germs in daycare can lead  to colds, sneezes, and coughs.  What can parents have in their medicine cabinets for babies 6-months to 24-months? 

While there are a lot of Over-the-Counter (OTC) cold medications, these aren’t suitable. . In 2008, the FDA issued an advisory that over-the-counter cold/cough medicines not be used in infants and children under age 2.  These medications contain   Aspirin, Acetaminophen, Ibuprofen, Naproxen, Pseudoephedrine or Dextromethorphan, not to mention artificial colors and flavors that can pose side effects.   

Hyland’s, the 112 year-old homeopathic company, offers safe, natural solutions. Hyland’s Baby  offers babies 6 months to 24-month toddlers Tiny Cold Tablets that dissolve in the mouth to push colds away.  Hyland’s Baby Cough Syrup  (honey free) to fight four kinds of coughs:  hoarse cough, the barking cough, the dry cough, the tickling cough. Can’t get the restless baby to sleep with all the coughing?   Hyland’s Baby Nighttime Tiny Cold Syrup naturally calms the baby’s system at nighttime,  relieving the pressures caused by nasal and chest congestion.   

All the products are sugar-free, dye-free, and don’t contain artificial colors or flavors or aspirin, acetaminophen, Ibprofen, naxproxen, Pseudoephedrine or Dextromethorphan.    

My Thoughts 

Sometimes having a toddler is  very challenging and when they are not feeling well its like a double whammy! They become very very fussy and extremely hard to please.  I have a toddler in my home a 14 month old little princess. Everday despite the weather I try to spend sometime outside. Well a couple of days ago I notice my little one is having the sniffles and just a little cough. So on top of the teething she doesn't feel well this can make or break my day! 

Personally I don't like giving my children a lot of over the counter chemical medications. Just last week I was talking with one of my girlfriends about this specifically , with the colder months coming in. She had told me about hylands baby medicines,she said that it had worked wonderfully for her toddler. So off I go to my local pharmacy the medicine was very easy to find, and I took note that they had a couple of different medicines, I scooped up the cold tablets, teething tablets and the cough medicine just in case I needed it. Taking notice that they are all natural no dyes or artificial flavors and no parabens! I certainly preferred using all natural products as opposed to chemical medicines especially my toddler! 

So I went home and my poor little girl seemed absolutely miserable , broke my heart to see her that way. I started with the tiny cold tablets which I found are very quick dissolving so that eliminated half of my problem. I don't know about you but trying to give a toddler medicine is always a challenge. By evening I took notice that her sniffles were doing just a little bit better. I also gave her a nighttime sleepy tablet because she wasn't sleeping very good with her stuffy nose.Within three days my sweet little girl was really feeling better, she was up in the morning ready to get busy with her day as opposed to being lethargic and cranky from a bad nights sleep. 

Now last but not least for this poor little angel her teething had kicked in full blast! Four teeth coming in at the same time, it seems  like Toddlers  just suffer going from one thing to the next. Within A week my little one was sleeping good up and atem , back to eating little bits at a time  her teething was definitely feeling better. What a blessing to have a medicine that is all natural and works so quick and so well. Multiple times I've recommended Highlands medicine to all of my friends for little kids and bigger kids, it's just so wonderful to have something that is so good to help with my children's illnesses.