Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Movie Review: Nina Forever

There are some movies that come along and leave you wondering what on earth you just watched. This was one of those movies. I'll warn people upfront: this is not a movie for everyone. It's a bit dark. There's some nudity and explicit scenes in here. (Side note: Never watch a review movie in public at a coffee shop without being 100% sure about the content. LOL. I had to make sure my screen was not visible at all when I got to a certain scene.)

None of this is to say it was a bad movie. On the contrary, I thought it was an interesting concept. Basically, the male protagonist's (Rob) girlfriend dies in a car accident and he went through a period of being suicidal. Eventually, he and another character (Holly) become attracted to each other and begin a relationship and his dead ex takes exception to it and actually appears in his room at very, shall we say, inconvenient times. Rob and Holly then have to figure out a way to make things work. 

The actors are great, owning the quirky humor as well as the serious moments. I really, really love the dark humor in here. Especially the scene with Holly in CPR class. It seriously made me crack up, and I had to struggle to keep quiet since I was out in public. There's also some great scenes between the three leads that I really enjoyed. 

If you're into quirky, dark material and don't have a problem with adult content, give this one a try. An interesting note for any Whovians out there: Nina's father is played by David Troughton, son of the second doctor, Patrick Troughton.