Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Book Review- Next Stop: Nina

Time Travel has always been a fascinating topic in pop culture. From Doctor Who, to Back the the Future, and more, writers have played with the idea of someone going back to another time and place. Sometimes it's to save the world from some disaster. Other times, people just want to fix a regret in their life.
Next Stop: Nina takes the idea of time travel and puts its own unique spin on the idea. I don't want to say much on this for fear of spoilers, but the main character (Nina) finds herself back when she was a young child. She becomes determined upon arriving to change a devastating moment in her life. The book follows her through that, as well as other incidents that arise from her travel. 

Nina is an interesting character when compared to others I've seen in time travel stories. She's an extremely depressed woman who has been struggling ever since that one day that defined the rest of her childhood, and continues to haunt her as an adult. I really enjoyed the author's exploration of Nina's mental state, as well as her reactions after going back in time. There is actually one scene that had me laughing out loud, as it reminded me of a scene of one of my favorite sitcoms. If you read this book, and can figure that reference out, let me know. I will award you massive cool points. 

All that said, the book was a bit disorienting in the first chapter or two. The writing style struck me as a bit abrupt at first, and I was not sure how I was going to end up enjoying it. Soon, though, I found myself wrapped up in Nina's journey and whether she would finally find a sense of peace and calm that has eluded her most of her life. I seriously had a hard time putting it down, especially in the last few chapters. If you like stories about time travel, and like a good character piece, I think you'll enjoy this one.