Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Holiday Gifts for the Steven Universe Fan

Steven Universe:
Steven Universe is a fantastical animated series about the adventures of a boy named Steven, the ultimate "little brother" to a team of magical guardians of humanity—the Crystal Gems. Steven doesn’t have much control over his powers, which originate from the gem in his bellybutton. But that doesn't stop him from joining Garnet, Amethyst and Pearl on their magical adventures and somehow finding a way to save the day!  Full details on holiday gifts for Steven Universe fans are included below:

For the Figure Collector
·         From Funko, a series of four Pop! vinyl figures based on Steven and Amethyst, Pearl and Garnet – better known as the Gems – are available for the first time ever this holiday season.
·         MSRP: $9.99 each
·         Availability: Exclusively at Hot Topic retail stores and online at hottopic.com

For the Lounger
·         Now fans of Steven Universe can keep warm with a generously sized, two-sided print fleece throw blanket. With a design on each side, this soft fleece blanket is perfect for lounging and keeping warm during the winter. The Steven Universe Fleece Throw Blanket is available in the following variations: Steven, Garnet, Pearl, Amethyst and Cookie Cat.
·         MSRP: $49.95 each
·         Availability: Exclusively online at CartoonNetworkShop.com

For the Book Worm
·         Fans everywhere can enjoy the first Steven Universe book from Penguin Young Readers Group’s Cartoon Network Books imprint, Steven Universe: Guide to the Crystal Gems. This book, told from Steven’s point-of-view and written by the show’s creator, Rebecca Sugar, is packed with facts about the Gems’ powers, abilities, and origins. It also includes original art and a special introduction from Rebecca Sugar.
·         MSRP: $9.99
·         Availability:  Wherever books are sold

My Thoughts

My daughter is a huge fan of Steven Universe. I think it's her all time favorite show. The lovable Gems and their magic fusion has grown a little on me as well. There's a lot of deep and meaningful messages hidden in his children's show.

For my teen, a little Steven swag was the perfect gift choice. We picked out the fleece blanket and it was just awesome. The version we received has Cookie Cat on it, which is Steven's favorite dessert/character.  The front oft he blanket has one large image of the cat in a space suit with stripes in pink, black, and cream. The back of the blanket is pink with dozens of cookie cats.

My daughter loved the design, but she also loved how soft and cozy the blanket was. It's made from fleece so it's warm and soft. It's the perfect blanket to snuggle into during a cold winter night when you feel like watching a Steven Universe marathon. If you have a Steven Universe fan in you household, be sure to check it out.