Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Holiday Gift Guide - Aquaball

 AquaBall, the most healthiest and only kids beverage on the market with “O” calories and “O” sugar.  And children everywhere will want AquaBall’s latest beverage containers with fun and familiar characters from Disney and Marvel.  And it’s a way to help kids avoid obesity and other ailments.  

It’s a naturally flavored water, enhanced with Vitamins B3, B5, B6, B12 and C and has 0 grams of sugar, 0 calories, no artificial flavors or colors and no high fructose corn syrup. It comes in four flavors: Grape, Fruit Punch, Orange and Berry Blast.  Both parents and kid’s everywhere will love these fun and healthy beverages with their favorite characters from Disney and Marvel.

My Thoughts

I've always had trouble getting my kids to drink water, but Aquaball was all the encouragement they needed to stay hydrated. They love these fun drinks because they feature many of their favorite characters including the Frozen sisters, Avengers, Disney Princesses, and many more. They also enjoyed the sweet taste. With just a splash of fruity flavor in each one, they are getting the taste they crave without a lot of empty calories or tons of sugar. 

If you're looking for a healthy alternative for a stocking stuffer, Aqualball is a great choice for boys and girls! And if you want another fun idea, re-purpose your empty bottles as Christmas ornaments to hang on the tree!  They are just the right size and shape and they already have adorable designs so they fill fit right in!