Saturday, December 19, 2015

Modern parenting just got a whole lot easier with these books. #bookreview

Today I'm telling you about three different parenting books and my thoughts on them

20 Tips for Parents: Managing Your Children’s Behavior in the Early Years

A realistic, practical, and down-to-earth look at dealing with many of the common concerns that parents have in managing the behavior of children from two to 10Based on his extensive years of work with parents and children, a pediatrician offers his advice on such common concerns as coping with tantrums, dealing with fussy or picky eaters, using discipline that works, deciding on how much TV and when, respecting and understanding children's feelings, separating behavior from the child's personality, and loving unconditionally. He also addresses how to identify bad advice and a parenting myths, and how to manage "helpful" advice from family member and friends. Catering from toddlers to early adolescence, the book's main message is for parents to stop trying to be perfect parents, as this often causes unnecessary pressure and anxiety. Instead it advises parents to focus on being a "good enough" parent. Along with a range of illustrative stories and examples from his many years of working with children and their parents, the author shows how a parents' own upbringing can unintentionally influence some of their parenting decisions. Additionally he dispels many of the common myths that are associated with parenting, and offers sensible alternative solutions that are evidence-based and proven to work.

My Thoughts (5 Stars)

This was a great book. It was filled with some great tips to help with every day issues and concerns that parents might have. There was advice from simple every day issues all the way to behavior issues that your child may be having.

My favorite tip was about saving your energy for things that really matter, as well as how to deal with unwanted advice from others.

I found the writing to be easy to read. It flowed well and kept me engaged.


Raising Competent Teenagers:…In an Age of Porn, Drugs and Tattoos

A how-to guide that can be read straight through, or dipped into for advice on more than 100 different issues common to parents of teens Traversing the teen years is tricky and challenging for most parents. Pornography, sex, cyber bullying, body piercing, drug experimentation, and tattoos are all part of adolescent life. How do you remain an effective, strong and compassionate parent, able to talk to your children as they become adult? This hands-on manual contains tools for keeping up communication with your teen. The author has distilled the wisdom of prominent parenting educators and her own knowledge as a medical doctor and also a mother of five children. More than 100 issues are discussed and are followed up with practical "what to do" ideas. Major areas discussed include brain and body changes, parent teen conflict, implementing rules and family values, saying no, narcissism and entitlement, and helicopter and tiger parenting.

My Thoughts (5 Stars)

As parents to modern kids, we have a lot of things to deal with that as teens, we didn't have to deal with. We had Internet, but porn wasn't a big thing then online, mainly just magazines. We didn't have to deal with being texted and being bullied online. Or the hurtful things friends might say about a photo we have on Facebook. This is all new and how to talk to our kids about it. My oldest is 11 and the teens years are right around the corner. However, being in middle school, he's exposed to a lot more than I would like.

This is a great go-to book when a issue arises and how to handle it and talk to your teen. This book was filled with so much advice, that I know it will come in handy very soon.

The parts I did read at this point, I found the writing to be good and flowed well. It caught me attention and held on to it.

Tricky Teens: How to Create a Great Relationship with Your Teen…Without Going Crazy! 

Help for any parent with a teenager who is chatty one day and morose the next, who refuses to come out of their room or get off their smart phone, or who argues endlessly with everyone around them. With warmth, good humor, and insight, a clinical psychologist offers crucial advice on achieving a happy home life while raising teens. He focuses on what is actually happening in the teenage brain; common issues that most teens face including anxiety, arguments, computer addiction, peer pressure, perfectionism, and self harm; ways to parent teenage boys and teenage girls—and why these methods differ; identifying and defusing clash points in the family; creating a detailed six-week plan that will help break negative behavior patterns within a family and create positive new ones; and essential conversations you can have with your teen, including information about love, money, drugs, jobs, and personal values, that will help shape them into the wonderful mature people you know they will be one day. For more than 30 years Andrew has worked with teens and their parents. Andrew stresses that teenage boys think and develop differently to teenage girls—and so he offers advice specific to each gender. Overall his main focus is on creating and nurturing open and solid relationships between parents and their teens that will lead into a well-balanced adulthood.

My Thoughts (5 Stars)

This is another book I did a quick look through, skimming and reading different parts that helped me at this time, since my son is still a pre-teen. I found a lot of useful tips in here and ways to keep my child engaged, as well, it explained why a child may kids may act out, etc. My son has anxieties already and a computer addiction. 

I liked that this book went over ways to parents a boy or a girl, and how they can be different in how we parent. While I haven't gotten to read this book all the way yet, what I did read, I learned a lot from and know that as my child gets older, I will have this book out all the time.

I really liked the authors writing and his voice. The book flowed very good and kept my attention.