Saturday, December 19, 2015

Book Review: Supercharge Your Productivity

Supercharge Your Productivity is a short, easy read aimed at people both self-employed people, as well as those in the workforce who want to improve their output and get ahead in their company. The book, written by Chaiwat Theerasong, gives practical advice for those seeking to up their productivity as well as a breakdown of various apps and sites that can help one do so. 

Throughout the book, she discusses various studies and articles about productivity. She also talks about some of the methods different people have put out there, as well as some of their benefits.

While some of the advice is pretty straightforward, and might be more beneficial to people just beginning the journey toward a more productive day, there are little gems here and there that make you think. I found the discussion on rewards and the studies around some of these to be particularly interesting. I also really enjoyed the fact that she stressed that it's important to try different things in the book and determine which methods work, and which do not. There's no "you must do this or else" preaching in here.

If you are looking to get more organized (and I know I need that!) I would suggest checking this out out.