Thursday, August 27, 2015

Save time in the morning with U-Lace #discountcode

U-Lace Kiddos is a quick, easy and affordable way for kids to create DIY multi-color designs, cool patterns and spice up an old pair of shoes for the new school year! Whether its team colors, school colors or fashion colors, U-Lace kiddos are the new must-have for back-to-school shopping!

· Express Individual Style! show-off personal style with endless color combos. 14 U-Lace Kiddos colors available (24 by end of year including multi-color woven patterns and glow-in-the-dark)

· Time saver! – Each U-lace spans a single set of sneaker eyelets and easily snaps in so kids can be out the door quicker in the morning! (On average younger children can take 7-10 minutes to just get their shoes on and tied in the morning!).

· Won’t wear & tear! made from polyester woven over Lycra threads to resist dirt -- more resilient against wear, tear and breakage.

· Affordable Only $3.29 per pack -- affordable enough to mix-and-match colors and lace-up your entire shoe collection! 2 packs required to lace a pair of sneakers (each pack comes with 6 individual laces).

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U-Lace is offering a discount code to New Age Mama readers

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Expires on November 30th, 2015

My Thoughts
Such a cute idea, especially for kids who struggle with shoe laces. My kids love to not untie their shoes and instead, just slip them right on and go. With U-Lace this can be done.

I tested U-Lace on my daughters shoe

I really liked all the colors to choose from and the ability to customize them and have them match. I'm not sure if it's the style of my daughters shoes, but after I put the U-Lace on all the way to the top, she was not able to get her foot into the shoe. She said the shoes were too tight. She wears a size 5 (she's 8 years old). I attempted to undo the first couple of U-Lace's and she still had problems.

I then attempted to use the adult size I was also sent to test. these didn't have nearly the cute colors she wanted for her shoe, but we tried anyway. Since these were a bit bigger, she was able to get her foot into the shoe, but said it was still tight on her.

Again, it really could be her shoe. I used the adult laces on my own tennis shoes, and I didn't notice a bit more snuggness while on, but they worked fine on my shoe.

Over all, a really nice product and one that I would use again.