Thursday, August 27, 2015

sigikid - unique and fun plush baby toys

Sigikid was on tour across America!  Check out where they have been and enter to win $100 gift card by commenting at the bottom of their page:

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Our sigikid bunny

My Thoughts

What an adorable plush baby toy. I received the bunny and right away was impressed with the craftsmanship of the plush toy. It was well made, very soft, and felt very durable. It could handle the love a child could give it and last for many years. It was also a very good size. My daughter took to it right away and it's now an added addition to her bed.

The sigikid plush baby toy is unique in its appearance. I thought it was one of those perfect baby shower gifts that would get people talking.

Upon inspection, I didn't notice anything off. All stitching looked to be done professionally. There were no tears or holes. I gave the arms and legs a slight tug, and they didn't seem like they would come off easily if a child were to hold it by an arm and carry it around.

A great stuffed animal and would make a great gift to a new baby, or any child who loves stuffed animals.

Don't forget, sigikid is running a giveaway on their tour page where you could win a $100 gift card to sigikid.